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Daily Dose of Goodness sounds good to me! Thanks to Vitamatcha sending me lovely package of their green tea. I'm trying to make my days a lot more healthier so this is my first step forward into my goals! I do love my green tea from the kettle where it's lovely and warm on a winter day but now that Summer is approaching, I don't think I want to be drinking my hot green tea in that weather haha! However I've noticed I prefer my hot green tea cooled down a little and this is why Vitamatcha green tea is now my favourite.

I was super excited for Vitamatcha's delivery to arrive! Little pouches of goodness, I made the tea straight away & followed the instructions that they have provided on the back on the pouch. 500ml of cold water, preferably as cold as you can get it the better, & then poured the pouch of green tea powder into the jug and stirred! If you have a shaker, it does work better because it tells you do shake rather than stir on the pouch instructions. For that reason I actually used an egg whisk rather than a spoon haha, it worked just has good!

It dissolved fairly quickly and didn't leave behind any undissolved bits or lumps, which I am very happy about! There is so many health benefits with drinking Vitamatcha Green Tea:

♥ Weigh Loss
♥ More Energy
♥ One pouch = 10 cups of green tea
♥ 70x more antioxidants than a cup of orange
♥ 7x more antioxidants than dark chocolate
♥ Burns fat, Detoxify, Mind improver

It is really refreshing, it tastes good and I have seen improvement in my well-being and energy! What more would you want from a green tea! This drink ticks ALL boxes for me and I would recommend trying this out especially for just £15 for 10 pouches. The delivery was really quick and from their website it looks simple & easy! To make it taste even better they recommend you add ice cubes, slice of lemon & mint leaves to really get your day started!

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