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Vape Shoreditch kindly contacted me & sent me a vape kit to try out! I've never been a smoker but I have previously tried shisha and vape pens. In the blogging world I thought this would be a good way to get the word out for vape pens as vaping is rapidly increasing and people are acknowledging them quite quickly & they are known to be a lot safer to use than smoking actual cigarettes. The vape pen is sleek, simple & discreet. I chose the Shoreditch Two which is more slimline design, lightweight & the white caught my eye considering it is my favourite colour. It quickly arrived within a day or two, in a sleek turquoise/green box which the kit was made up of the vape pen, the USB charging cable, spare coil and thre flavours of e-liquid which were "Fruit Salad, Bubblegum & Getting Fruity" you can probably tell I do love my fruity flavours. I'm not a smoker & not a fan of cigarettes so my experience for this was more along the lines of trying it for flavour, smells & how good the pen actually is.

Luckily I've had experience in previous vape pens so kind of knew how to start it up however for those who have no idea or don't know much about them or how to use them, it's really helpful that in the starter kit they provide you with a 'how to guide' so no need to panic guys! If you accidentally threw away the guide and your thinking 'opps' then they also provide more information on their website to give you a quick reminder.

The smell of the e-liquids were beautiful! Especially the Bubblegum, that is probably my favourite scent out of the three that I recieved. The 'Fruit Salad' reminded me of the exact sweet that I used to eat when I was younger that cost me 1p along with the Blackjacks, if any of you remember them back in the 90's. There is actually a choice of 21 flavours so they will definitely be one or three that you will love to try! It gives you the added option of different strengths which makes this brand professional and unique. As I am not a smoker I chose the lightest strength which I am completely happy with!

The vape kits cost £19.99 and you can choose your e-liquids then get them delivered directly to you on a monthly basis so you don’t run out. Use code "ASHLEIGHE8923" to recieve 3X 10ml bottles of e-liquid, your choice of flavours for just 99p inc p&p!

I loved this experience, it was different! I would recommend Vape Shoreditch for vape pens as vaping is quite new, they are safe to use, the brand make sure you are using it correctly & provide amazing service. Just to let you know you have to be 18+ to purchase any vape kits & may be asked for your ID for proof before dispatching or taking payment.

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