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Forever wearing bronzer, it's probably the one product I don't leave my house without, whether it's applied or thrown into my handbag. Stuck to me like glue & for that reason I need a good bronzer that will treat me good and give me that continuous bronze throughout the day. Not sure if you have noticed but have you seen the size of NARS bronzers! They are huge, it lasted me months & months, even with an empty palette I am still getting some pigment. Unsurprisingly the bronzers come with the typical rubberized NARS packaging and with a large mirror inside. The mirror sold me straight away.

You might of heard of "Laguna" being their best seller & it also being their "Classic" bronzer, well "Casino" is my new favourite. It is gorgeous, definitely didn't gamble a purchase, it's beautiful. To sum up "Casino" it is a chocolate brown shade with hints of yellow so I'd say it is perfect for most warm & cool skin tones depending what you like.

NARS never disappoints me, the pigmentation is outstanding! One sweep of the product is enough to bronze & contour. It never looks cakey or "too much" it looks natural and doesn't make you look too "bronzed", even after a good day with it on there is no signs of patchiness. Would say NARS bronzers are matte but Casino seems to have a tiny amount of shimmer, it acts more of an illuminator than anything else. I contour, bronze every day and it lasted me a good 4\5 months without fail which is pretty impressive.

The cost of this bronzer is £27.50, there might be a few shocked faces but I think it was totally worth it and I would continuously purchase everytime. I absolutely love this bronzer and think you should all try it!

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  1. ooo i havnt heard of this one, only laguna bronzer, looks lovely tho:) xx


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