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Always wanted to own a pair of Jordans but never seen some I really liked or if I did they were most probably out of stock so I give up hunting. "Woooo!" I finally find some on my journey to the Nike store and now I own a pair of Jordans & they are gorgeous, comfy and have me written all over them. The crazy bit about it, is that these ones are actually MENS haha, don't worry I knew that when I bought them, just made sure I tried the sizes and found one that fit perfectly! I have a few Men's trainers haha, if they look good, don't look like clown feet on me and they fit then why not! Nike have really good trainers for men, so if I can snatch up a pair for my collection, then I will haha! With these being "nude", lightbone white I can get away with it looking like their for ladies but I have my secrets ahah!

These were the first signature model Jordans for Russell Westbrook who is infact a basketball player for Oklahoma City Thunder! They are sleek and simple with minimal design which I really like about them. Premium leather with exotic embossed details for that sleek touch. These Jordans are flexible, solid and good quality & infact I'm happy with this little purchase, thanks to my boyfriend!

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