GUESS Nude|Stone Noted Crossbody Bag ♥

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A trip to Cheshire Oaks is a hit and miss! If some of you don't know where or what is Cheshire Oaks, well to keep it short and simple, it is "shopping park" that is full of designer outlet stores. You can get gorgeous designer\high street clothes or beauty products for small £££! My favourite place to shop however there has been so many journeys to Cheshire Oaks where they isn't anything to purchase but I keep going because it always changes and I do find little bargains like this beautiful GUESS stone "Noted Crossbody" bag! I absolutely love it and the reason why I believe it was a good purchase is because I needed a small bag in my collection that I could use day to day when I can't be bothered walking around with a huge shoulder bag that weighs me down haha!

The detail on this bag is plain and simple. It is ideal to travel around with and it is quite spacious inside to carry your favourite lipstick, bronzer, brush, purse, perfume & in my case my epi pen aswell. It is lightweight and a lovely nude-ish, stone colour that matches pretty much 2/3 of my wardrobe haha. I can't remember the exact price it should of been, but I know it was around £90+ mark but I bought it at only £47! If that's not a bargain, then I don't know what is haha!

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1 comment on "GUESS Nude|Stone Noted Crossbody Bag ♥"
  1. Hey I've checked the collection and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of Guess Bags at Majorbrands.


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