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My skin needs a good looking after & needs TLC every day. I'm dry on some days, sensitive & irritated another and then I might be lucky to have a normal day. However I have found my TLC skincare regime, that is quick, easy and moisturising. I've noticed I always go back to Garnier when my skin is really struggling and needs the gentle things. I'm going to tell you exactly what I do with what product & when I use it in what order! Sounds good right!

If I wear quite a lot of makeup then I try and get as much off as possible with the "Garnier Micellar Extra Gentle Cleansing Wipes" because they are so gentle and kind to my skin, I don't mind using makeup wipes to remove it. The wipes are soft & thick and soaked with the Micellar water, there is no need to rub agressively to remove makeup which is a good thing for my unpredictable skin. It is also good for lifting dirt and impurities. These are a very good alternative if your too lazy to mess about with cotton pads and Micellar water.

"Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water" is heaven to my skin! I use this to remove any existing bits of makeup that I've missed using the wipes, general cleanse before and after my day or if I have tiny bit of makeup on during the day. It leaves my skin perfectly cleansed, refreshed and glowing, don't think I could ask for anything else. It really soothes my skin & that's why I enjoy using it so much. I always purchase the small bottle because I am usually on the go and it is easier for me to carry. Using this I soak the cotton pads, start with my eyes and gentle slide the cotton pads through my lashes, & then soak another cotton pad to cleanse my whole face, perfecto.

"Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner", a bit of a mouthful haha! I stayed away from toners for quite a while but thought I would try this one because "Vitamin-Enriched" sold me ha! I use this twice a day preferably in the mornings before I apply my moisturiser & makeup & at night to really clean out my pores and any lingering dirt. I noticed after a couple of days that my annoying dry patches disappeared & leaves my skin soft and supple!

Last but definitely not least because this part really is a "must-do" in my skincare regime is "Garnier Moisture+ Nourish", even the product name sounds moisturising. As I was saying before my skin is fairly dry and sometimes can be super dry that it feels tight so I really need a moisturiser that will save the day, which was infact this one! I only have to apply a tiny amount to cover all my face and I notice my skin feels much more hydrated and nourished. This moisturiser is a God's send because my skin feels soft, plump and nourished ALL day!

Thanks Garnier!

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