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Nearly weekend! I don't usually do many of these posts but I adore my nails that I had done the other day by a local salon, I thought I would do completely the opposite of what I normally have and play safe. I know your probably wondering looking at the pictures how safe can you get if your nails are nude! Well.. I usually just have clear tip acrylic and then a top coat or white tip acrylic and top coat. A bit boring if you ask me so I needed switch it up a bit. I had clear tip acrylic with a DND gel on to which is a light pink colour and on my ring finger another DND gel that made the gold glitter fade. The length is alot shorter than what I would normally go for but it didn't realise how easier it is to do things at the length I have now and still have pretty nails.

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1 comment on "Fresh New Nails ♥"
  1. Gorgeous nails, such a simple look!

    Parie x


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