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Bootea 28 Day Detox ♥

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This is my second time using "Bootea 28 Day Detox" which I purchased from Holland & Barrett's! I absolutely loved it but I forgot to review it the very first time I purchased it from their website oops, but better late than never. Bootea detox consists of two types of tea, one tea that you drink every morning which is in a pouch known as the "Daytime Detox" & a tea that you drink every other evening known as "Bedtime Cleanse" in another pouch. The "Bedtime Cleanse" has a light laxative effect just help remove any toxins and waste from the body.

Both of the teas have a mixture of natural ingredients in pyramid shaped bags that really let the ingredients infuse well in hot water, which I think is quite clever and much better than your ordinary tea bags. The ingredients are pure, natural and have no preservatives & I think that is a bonus!

The "Daytime Detox" contains a blend of Chinese Oolong tea, Maté leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Lemongrass, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root, Gotu Kola leaves and Nettle leaves. I'm not a green tea drinker but I find this quite easy to drink so if you enjoy green tea than your more likely to enjoy this, has it as that similiar herbal taste. The "Daytime Detox" doesn't have the laxative effect so you can drink it at anytime in the day. Bootea recommend to drink it in the morning because it contains a small amount of caffeine that will give you a boost & preps you for your day! This tea definitely stimulates you & is very refreshing!

The "Bedtime Cleanse" contains a blend of Senna leaves, Peppermint leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Liquorice roots, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, Valerian root and Psyllium seeds. I don't mind the taste of both, I think this one tastes slighl better just because the peppermint gives it a little kick of flavour. This tea is designed to help induce a laxative effort in the body naturally to help cleanse and detox your body! Do NOT worry, I have noticed when drinking this, I'm not constantly running to the toilet, there is no accidents when I have drank it! They say it effects the body 8 hours after drinking, so you can work it out roughly what time you go bed and what time you wake up. However if you can for your first try, do it where you have the next day off work, school or have no morning plans so you know depending on your digestive system, how long it takes to effect your own body.

The longer you leave the herbal bag to infuse for, the stronger the effects are with both teas, which I do prefer. I usually leave my teabag in until I've drank it even to the point where my tea is probably cold. You are meant to let it infuse for 5 minutes that is recommended on the package but I leave it probably 10-15 minutes. The "Bedtime Cleanse" I did leave my bag in until I finished drinking and the next day, I had a few cramps *not too painful* but basically I NEEDED to go to the toilet. After a couple of "Bedtime Cleanses" leaving the tea infused for longer than the recommended time them cramps don't appear on me anymore.

"Bootea 28 Day Detox" also comes in a 14 Day package for those that want to try it first or don't want to detox for long time. I would recommend this detox tea & I also think that this brand is probably one of the best & really does work. I felt nervous about taking the "Bedtime Cleanse" but there is nothing to be scared about, the effects are not horrible in the slightest, it just helps your digestive system alot better. A quick tip, do drink plenty of water or fluids throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated especially when your cleansing & detoxing because it helps flush your body.

You can purchase the Bootea 28 Day Detox at Holland & Barrett's or their official website, where you have more options to buy products individually rather than a set!

How you tried Bootea or any other "Detoxing" teas?

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Fresh New Nails ♥

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Nearly weekend! I don't usually do many of these posts but I adore my nails that I had done the other day by a local salon, I thought I would do completely the opposite of what I normally have and play safe. I know your probably wondering looking at the pictures how safe can you get if your nails are nude! Well.. I usually just have clear tip acrylic and then a top coat or white tip acrylic and top coat. A bit boring if you ask me so I needed switch it up a bit. I had clear tip acrylic with a DND gel on to which is a light pink colour and on my ring finger another DND gel that made the gold glitter fade. The length is alot shorter than what I would normally go for but it didn't realise how easier it is to do things at the length I have now and still have pretty nails.

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GUESS Nude|Stone Noted Crossbody Bag ♥

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A trip to Cheshire Oaks is a hit and miss! If some of you don't know where or what is Cheshire Oaks, well to keep it short and simple, it is "shopping park" that is full of designer outlet stores. You can get gorgeous designer\high street clothes or beauty products for small £££! My favourite place to shop however there has been so many journeys to Cheshire Oaks where they isn't anything to purchase but I keep going because it always changes and I do find little bargains like this beautiful GUESS stone "Noted Crossbody" bag! I absolutely love it and the reason why I believe it was a good purchase is because I needed a small bag in my collection that I could use day to day when I can't be bothered walking around with a huge shoulder bag that weighs me down haha!

The detail on this bag is plain and simple. It is ideal to travel around with and it is quite spacious inside to carry your favourite lipstick, bronzer, brush, purse, perfume & in my case my epi pen aswell. It is lightweight and a lovely nude-ish, stone colour that matches pretty much 2/3 of my wardrobe haha. I can't remember the exact price it should of been, but I know it was around £90+ mark but I bought it at only £47! If that's not a bargain, then I don't know what is haha!

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Jordans Westbrook 0 ♥

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Always wanted to own a pair of Jordans but never seen some I really liked or if I did they were most probably out of stock so I give up hunting. "Woooo!" I finally find some on my journey to the Nike store and now I own a pair of Jordans & they are gorgeous, comfy and have me written all over them. The crazy bit about it, is that these ones are actually MENS haha, don't worry I knew that when I bought them, just made sure I tried the sizes and found one that fit perfectly! I have a few Men's trainers haha, if they look good, don't look like clown feet on me and they fit then why not! Nike have really good trainers for men, so if I can snatch up a pair for my collection, then I will haha! With these being "nude", lightbone white I can get away with it looking like their for ladies but I have my secrets ahah!

These were the first signature model Jordans for Russell Westbrook who is infact a basketball player for Oklahoma City Thunder! They are sleek and simple with minimal design which I really like about them. Premium leather with exotic embossed details for that sleek touch. These Jordans are flexible, solid and good quality & infact I'm happy with this little purchase, thanks to my boyfriend!

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Garnier Skincare Regime ♥

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My skin needs a good looking after & needs TLC every day. I'm dry on some days, sensitive & irritated another and then I might be lucky to have a normal day. However I have found my TLC skincare regime, that is quick, easy and moisturising. I've noticed I always go back to Garnier when my skin is really struggling and needs the gentle things. I'm going to tell you exactly what I do with what product & when I use it in what order! Sounds good right!

If I wear quite a lot of makeup then I try and get as much off as possible with the "Garnier Micellar Extra Gentle Cleansing Wipes" because they are so gentle and kind to my skin, I don't mind using makeup wipes to remove it. The wipes are soft & thick and soaked with the Micellar water, there is no need to rub agressively to remove makeup which is a good thing for my unpredictable skin. It is also good for lifting dirt and impurities. These are a very good alternative if your too lazy to mess about with cotton pads and Micellar water.

"Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water" is heaven to my skin! I use this to remove any existing bits of makeup that I've missed using the wipes, general cleanse before and after my day or if I have tiny bit of makeup on during the day. It leaves my skin perfectly cleansed, refreshed and glowing, don't think I could ask for anything else. It really soothes my skin & that's why I enjoy using it so much. I always purchase the small bottle because I am usually on the go and it is easier for me to carry. Using this I soak the cotton pads, start with my eyes and gentle slide the cotton pads through my lashes, & then soak another cotton pad to cleanse my whole face, perfecto.

"Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner", a bit of a mouthful haha! I stayed away from toners for quite a while but thought I would try this one because "Vitamin-Enriched" sold me ha! I use this twice a day preferably in the mornings before I apply my moisturiser & makeup & at night to really clean out my pores and any lingering dirt. I noticed after a couple of days that my annoying dry patches disappeared & leaves my skin soft and supple!

Last but definitely not least because this part really is a "must-do" in my skincare regime is "Garnier Moisture+ Nourish", even the product name sounds moisturising. As I was saying before my skin is fairly dry and sometimes can be super dry that it feels tight so I really need a moisturiser that will save the day, which was infact this one! I only have to apply a tiny amount to cover all my face and I notice my skin feels much more hydrated and nourished. This moisturiser is a God's send because my skin feels soft, plump and nourished ALL day!

Thanks Garnier!

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Victoria's Secret - Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist ♥

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Gorgeous, Victoria's Secret is beautiful. I don't think I have come across a girl that isn't in love with this brand, from their underwear, pj's & fragrances or beauty products. There isn't a website for Victoria's Secret yet for the UK but I am sure you can buy online and have it internationally shipped but I know you can purchase them from stores near you. I can help you if your from Manchester and say there is a store in the Trafford Centre & I know there is one in London, but wait! I was walking around Superdrug to come across a small section of Victoria's Secret fragrance mists, I was in shock! I couldn't resist I had to purchase one of my favourites which is "Mango Temptation" if only they had my other favourite "Coconut Passion" I would of bought that one aswell. However "Mango Temptation" is just as beautiful.

The packaging is beautiful, luxe and truly feminine. The scent is "Mango Nectar & Hibiscus". It is a sweet scent & the mango definitely dominates the notes. I love mango so this is one of the best purchase fragrance mists that I have made in a while. You only need a few spritz maybe on your neck and wrists for a night out & you will smell absolutely gorgeous all night long. It has Aloe Vera & Chamomile which is lovely for my sensitive skin and I don't react. A touch of scent is all you need with this and these bottles last a good amount of time.

Any VS mists in your fragrance collection?

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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation & Bar of Gold Highlighter ♥

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Charlotte Tilbury *love heart eyes emoji here* esecially when it comes to their products! It is actually my makeup dream to end up with a Charlotte Tilbury only makeup bag. You might know that I have a thing for highlighters & I do collect them haha & always on the hunt for a good day to night foundation. Charlotte Tilbury kindly sent me their "Magic Foundation" (£29.50) & their limited stock "Bar of Gold" (£32.00).

Firstly I want to talk about "Bar of Gold", what girl would not want to carry & say that they have a bar of gold in their handbag. There is always an excuse to wear highlighter, going out? wear highlighter, going shopping?wear highlighter, going work?wear highlighter, going sleep?wear highlighter haha. Don't sleep in makeup girls!

Charlotte Tilbury + Highlighter you know it's going to be amazing & it is. It is a small product within a small box however I can tell its going to be one of them products that will last you a very long time. I can tell because it is impressive & pigmented enough that you only need a small amount to make your highlighted areas pop! The highlighter is pretty, gold toned with a good amount of glitter. Like I said before it is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I noticed using this on a natural makeup look & a going out look really made a difference. True love for this highlighter.

Up next the definition of magic in a glass bottle! "Magic Foundation" it describes exactly what it is on the bottle. I have had this foundation on my wish list for a good while & now I can say THANK YOU to Charlotte Tilbury for sending me such a perfect delivery. It is everything I expected it to be - Magical. The packaging for this is luxe, pretty to have anywhere on my dressing table. It is natural looking FULL coverage foundation which you wouldn't thing would be a possible combo. If you love full coverage but doesn't look like your wearing alot of makeup or layers then this is for you! It is long lasting, I even did a test of sleeping in it(which don't do ladies)to really put it to the test & woo it barely budged! A little of this product again, goes a long way abit like the Bar of Gold. The perfect combo with this foundation is her Wonderglow primer which you can read about here - WONDERGLOW review.

I apply this foundation with a buffing brush to give it glow & an even skin tone. I like applying a small amount then gradually building up with thin layers. The pigmentation and shade is perfect for my skin tone and it doesn't dry out my skin at all infact over the days I have worn this foundation it as actually helped my skin look better and feel better when wearing makeup.

Have you worn any of CT products or have any thing you would like to try?

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"Vitamatcha" Green Tea ♥

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Daily Dose of Goodness sounds good to me! Thanks to Vitamatcha sending me lovely package of their green tea. I'm trying to make my days a lot more healthier so this is my first step forward into my goals! I do love my green tea from the kettle where it's lovely and warm on a winter day but now that Summer is approaching, I don't think I want to be drinking my hot green tea in that weather haha! However I've noticed I prefer my hot green tea cooled down a little and this is why Vitamatcha green tea is now my favourite.

I was super excited for Vitamatcha's delivery to arrive! Little pouches of goodness, I made the tea straight away & followed the instructions that they have provided on the back on the pouch. 500ml of cold water, preferably as cold as you can get it the better, & then poured the pouch of green tea powder into the jug and stirred! If you have a shaker, it does work better because it tells you do shake rather than stir on the pouch instructions. For that reason I actually used an egg whisk rather than a spoon haha, it worked just has good!

It dissolved fairly quickly and didn't leave behind any undissolved bits or lumps, which I am very happy about! There is so many health benefits with drinking Vitamatcha Green Tea:

♥ Weigh Loss
♥ More Energy
♥ One pouch = 10 cups of green tea
♥ 70x more antioxidants than a cup of orange
♥ 7x more antioxidants than dark chocolate
♥ Burns fat, Detoxify, Mind improver

It is really refreshing, it tastes good and I have seen improvement in my well-being and energy! What more would you want from a green tea! This drink ticks ALL boxes for me and I would recommend trying this out especially for just £15 for 10 pouches. The delivery was really quick and from their website it looks simple & easy! To make it taste even better they recommend you add ice cubes, slice of lemon & mint leaves to really get your day started!

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NARS Casino Bronzer Review ♥

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Forever wearing bronzer, it's probably the one product I don't leave my house without, whether it's applied or thrown into my handbag. Stuck to me like glue & for that reason I need a good bronzer that will treat me good and give me that continuous bronze throughout the day. Not sure if you have noticed but have you seen the size of NARS bronzers! They are huge, it lasted me months & months, even with an empty palette I am still getting some pigment. Unsurprisingly the bronzers come with the typical rubberized NARS packaging and with a large mirror inside. The mirror sold me straight away.

You might of heard of "Laguna" being their best seller & it also being their "Classic" bronzer, well "Casino" is my new favourite. It is gorgeous, definitely didn't gamble a purchase, it's beautiful. To sum up "Casino" it is a chocolate brown shade with hints of yellow so I'd say it is perfect for most warm & cool skin tones depending what you like.

NARS never disappoints me, the pigmentation is outstanding! One sweep of the product is enough to bronze & contour. It never looks cakey or "too much" it looks natural and doesn't make you look too "bronzed", even after a good day with it on there is no signs of patchiness. Would say NARS bronzers are matte but Casino seems to have a tiny amount of shimmer, it acts more of an illuminator than anything else. I contour, bronze every day and it lasted me a good 4\5 months without fail which is pretty impressive.

The cost of this bronzer is £27.50, there might be a few shocked faces but I think it was totally worth it and I would continuously purchase everytime. I absolutely love this bronzer and think you should all try it!

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Shoreditch Vaper ♥

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Vape Shoreditch kindly contacted me & sent me a vape kit to try out! I've never been a smoker but I have previously tried shisha and vape pens. In the blogging world I thought this would be a good way to get the word out for vape pens as vaping is rapidly increasing and people are acknowledging them quite quickly & they are known to be a lot safer to use than smoking actual cigarettes. The vape pen is sleek, simple & discreet. I chose the Shoreditch Two which is more slimline design, lightweight & the white caught my eye considering it is my favourite colour. It quickly arrived within a day or two, in a sleek turquoise/green box which the kit was made up of the vape pen, the USB charging cable, spare coil and thre flavours of e-liquid which were "Fruit Salad, Bubblegum & Getting Fruity" you can probably tell I do love my fruity flavours. I'm not a smoker & not a fan of cigarettes so my experience for this was more along the lines of trying it for flavour, smells & how good the pen actually is.

Luckily I've had experience in previous vape pens so kind of knew how to start it up however for those who have no idea or don't know much about them or how to use them, it's really helpful that in the starter kit they provide you with a 'how to guide' so no need to panic guys! If you accidentally threw away the guide and your thinking 'opps' then they also provide more information on their website to give you a quick reminder.

The smell of the e-liquids were beautiful! Especially the Bubblegum, that is probably my favourite scent out of the three that I recieved. The 'Fruit Salad' reminded me of the exact sweet that I used to eat when I was younger that cost me 1p along with the Blackjacks, if any of you remember them back in the 90's. There is actually a choice of 21 flavours so they will definitely be one or three that you will love to try! It gives you the added option of different strengths which makes this brand professional and unique. As I am not a smoker I chose the lightest strength which I am completely happy with!

The vape kits cost £19.99 and you can choose your e-liquids then get them delivered directly to you on a monthly basis so you don’t run out. Use code "ASHLEIGHE8923" to recieve 3X 10ml bottles of e-liquid, your choice of flavours for just 99p inc p&p!

I loved this experience, it was different! I would recommend Vape Shoreditch for vape pens as vaping is quite new, they are safe to use, the brand make sure you are using it correctly & provide amazing service. Just to let you know you have to be 18+ to purchase any vape kits & may be asked for your ID for proof before dispatching or taking payment.

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