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Superdrug "Detangling Brush" ♥

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Knots after knots, wouldn't even have to move an inch & I'd have knots in my hair instantly! Not quite sure why but through my time it's become easier with the right hair products through to shampoo's to heat sprays. Everyone has heard of "Tangle Teezers" & "Tangle Ease" and so on.. I believe that they are good products and probably worth the pennies. However I love to save pennies when there is products out there that does the exact same thing then I'll grab that one, thank you haha!

Superdrug launched their very own "Detangle Brush", (£4.99). Short and long plastic teeth that you can use on any type of hair, any weave, any extensions & wet or dry hair. It is super versatile and easy to use. This brush does the exact same thing as the other high street detangle brushes or even better.. With my knotty hair, I have no pain, no pull and no head sore, literally glides gently through my hair, getting rid of them annoying knots & leaving my hair super soft and free.

You might think it is a little awkward to hold and brush through your hair but infact it is super easy and comfortable. Never brushed my hair so quick with such a small product! Well done Superdrug, you have definitely won the battle between tangles. If your looking for a dupe and thinking what de-tangler brush should you get, then grab your hands on this and you will be super pleased like me! This little lump of fun comes with me EVERYWHERE, my little sidekick in my handbag.

What's your favourite de-tangle brush?

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Nude Nails: Lottie "Hit Refresh" Nail Lacquer ♥

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Every girl loves a bit of pamper to the nails. The other day, ready for weekend I decided to have a manicure and acrylics. I know acrylics aren't the best for your nails but I absolutely love them & it makes my hands look more attractive with my nails being long and elegant! *laughing emoji here* haha. Tend to always have clear tips on nowadays, because they look much more natural and not to in your face & it gives me the chance to paint my nails if I wanted too. Since having clear tips, I have in-fact NEVER painted my nails until now. Decided to go with the gorgeous nude colour since it's coming to Autumn Falls and it is the colour to have on everything. "Lottie Hit Refresh" nude nail laquer. I tend to go for nude/pinks/beiges throughout the whole year anyway because I think it makes everything look fresh & classy.

I've seen "Lottie" nail varnishes in pretty much every superdrug, youtube & other blogs, so I thought maybe it is time to grab myself a little nude bottle and try it on these freshly done nails. Exactly what I did for just £5.99. May I say that this is probably one of the best quality polishes I have had in a long time. Even with or without acrylics, I'm a chipper! Always smudging, chipping my nails pretty much on the same day. Even if you were to chip your nude nails, because it isn't such a bold colour, you can get away with a few chips here and there before you decide to fix it.

It is simply a perfect barely there shade. Have you tried this one or any other of Lottie's nail lacquers?

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