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Chi Chi London | Lila Bag ♥

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Chi Chi London Lila Bag is beautiful! Both my favourite colours in one! Gold & white is the perfect combination for any item! Chi Chi is a gorgeous online store that has gorgeous unique & vibrant styles. Their brand focus usually on events rather than every day style but they have it covered! The bag I received is absolutely gorgeous, the clothes I have in my wardrobe, it will go with everything!

Blue Vanilla | Arabella Pale Pink Jumper with Chunky Zip ♥

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Waking up early morning and blogging is sometimes the best way to start my day and it motivates me! Not only that waking up to a delivery from Blue Vanilla (£22.00) certainly puts a smile on my face. I adore Blue Vanilla, this online store has such beautiful, affordable items. Everything is cute about this brand from the packaging down to the clothing.

Sensuous Nude Eau De Toilette by Estee Lauder ♥

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A fragrance that I absolutely love since it launched! Beautiful, sophisticated and sensual. A sun-kissed light tropical fragrance with a hint of coconut and vanilla. Coconut and vanilla being my favourite notes in fragrances. Sensuous Nude Eau De Toilette isn't much different to the original Sensuous Nude. I'd say a little lighter & softer.

Clarins Beauty & Makeup | Wonder Perfect Mascara ♥

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You can't get enough of mascaras! I have a draw full of them, any girl can call themselves a mascara addict but which mascara would you choose to bring with you no matter where you go? I have one and it's in my makeup bag every where I go. "Wonder Perfect Mascara" by Clarins! Something I reckon wonder woman would have in her makeup bag!

Estee Lauder | Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer ♥

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I'm pretty sure I have an obsession for concealers. I have found another love, to add to my collection! I've had this one before a few years ago when I used to work for Estee Lauder & before I started blogging, so having this concealer back in my life makes me a happy girl. "Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer", does exactly what it says on the tube! It's FLAWLESS, STAYS IN PLACE & it CONCEALS any imperfections on my skin!

Estee Lauder | Makeup Haul ♥

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It's an absolute dream to work alongside Estee Lauder! Best bit about it is that I used to work with them in Harvey Nichols on the Estee Lauder counter, so I have worked really close to their products and I indeed LOVE all their products, so being able to blog about them now is one of my dreams come true! Not to sound cheesy!! These are a couple of the products I chose that I know very well and also products I have always wanted to try! Estee Lauder is a brand that I will always love and think highly of, their products are luxurious and extremely good quality so here is a little sneak peak of their gorgeous products!

Clarins Beauty & Skincare | Sensitive Skin Collection SOS Gentle Day & Night Cream with Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate Serum ♥

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Oh deary me, my skin the past few weeks as been a nightmare! Honestly it's never felt so dry & irritated. I have been digging and digging for a new range that would help my skin! Well HELLO Clarins! Thank you so much for letting me try your "Sensitive Skin" collection and also thank you for saving my skin too! With me being an eczema sufferer, I have suffered with sensitive skin with it too pretty much since I can remember! All this happening it made my skin super sensitive so I have to be really picky what moisturisers and all what I put on my face. Clarins kindly sent me their "SOS Sensitive" collection & my oh my I have seen a massive difference in the texture & the look. Overall a really good improvement. They sent me three products;

"Sensitive Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate"
"Gentle Day Cream"
"Gentle Night Cream"