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Clarins Beauty & Makeup | Concealer Stick ♥

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Concealer, my one true makeup love! Don't know what I'd do without you. Concealer is a must in my makeup bag, no matter where I go it comes with me. Since not wearing foundation has much nowadays, concealer is a very good way to keep very natural but cover up them imperfections or dark circles. I wear concealer mainly to hide my grey under-eye circles! With my grey bags under my eyes I need more sleep however that is not always the case so I need a very good coverage concealer! *DRUM ROLLLLL PLEASE* "Clarins Concealer Stick" is my perfect concealer.

Clarins Beauty & Makeup | Fix' Make-Up Spray ♥

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Call me crazy but I love makeup fixing sprays! They are life-savers, ideal and addictive. When a rather Clarins large package arrived, I received the "Fix' Make-Up Spray" & it become my new favourite addition to my makeup/beauty routine. Not only does it work but it looks extremely pretty on my dressing table haha. It so happy to no longer re-apply your makeup half way through your day, when spritzin' this first thing after your application, you know it's going to stay pretty much the same later on! The sound of relieve.

Dove | Advanced Hair Series Shampoo & Conditioner - Pure Care Dry Oil for Dull & Dry Hair ♥

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Since I've dyed my hair and had highlights put in my hair feels a little more dry than usual! Don't get me wrong my hair type has been forever dry but since my new hair change it needs some TLC (tender loving care)! Dove launched a new hair care collection which looks very inviting but never got round to purchasing it until a few days ago! It is the new "Advanced Hair Series" & I bought the range that was specifically for dry and dull hair! Spot on, it sounded perfect for me. With my hair, I am always open to try new hair products and experience everything, because I am always learning something new with my type of hair.

CocoWhite | Natural Oil-Pulling Reinvented Teeth Whitening & Healthier Mouth ♥

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Glistening pearly whites! Everyone loves gleaming teeth, I do! I just don't like the fact that most ways you have to use chemicals, bleaches and them type of products that aren't exactly great for your teeth in the long run! However I have found a great product that makes your teeth whiter, with pretty much no chance of damage and erosion to your teeth. "CocoWhite" is a company that provides products which naturally whitens your teeth through Coconut Oil-Pulling. It is a practice that has been around for donkeys years and still works to this day.

It's has simple has swirling the product around your mouth for 5-15 minutes and rinsing and woohooo your done for the day! This brand have created perfect size dosage to use each day/night and a box of 14 sachets of a variety of flavours. It is purely coconut oil, but "CocoWhite" have added a hint of natural flavouring such as; Mint, Vanilla and Lemon so it isn't bland.