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BEAUTY & GO | Bioactive Beauty Drinks ♥

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BEAUTY & GO is a perfect beauty drink! It's brilliant to be able to apply products onto the skin but what about actually drinking the goodness and letting it work inside - out. Many of the first beauty drinks to be enriched with Macro-Antioxidants. I am extremely happy with these little drinks, not only did they taste delicious but the benefits you receive are truly amazing. These drinks are calorie reduced at only 35 calories per 100ml, sweetened naturally. There are four different BEAUTY & GO products, one for each need that your skin has, so you can mix and match throughout the week! I received the "Anti-Aging", "Detox" & "Vitality", the missing one is "Radiance" which I can't wait to try!

Alien Absolue Essence & Balm Review by Thierry Mugler ♥

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Gorgeous ladies, I'm back with another amazing Alien fragrance by Thierry Mugler! This time it's the gorgeous "Alien Essence Absolue Fragrance" along with the "Alien Absolue Balm". These are quite unique fragrances from the Alien collection. "Absolue" is quite a lighter & oriental version of the original Alien. It's an intense "amber, floral vanilla" perfume. A lively fragrance with a kick to it but not over-powering.