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LulaBlu Lingerie & Nightwear Boutique | Blush 22' Mesh with Peephole Detail & Bows Lingerie (18+) ♥

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Oh la la, another lingerie treat from "LulaBlu". I can't get enough with how gorgeous and delicate their designs are. Really feminine and beautiful collections. If your looking for classy & saucy lingerie, then LulaBlu is the place you need to be looking.

Daisy Necklace | by Kit Heath Silver Jewellery from THBaker Stores ♥

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Walkin' through the park and seeing daisies makes you realise summer is coming! All the cute dainty jewellery comes out in Spring and Summer! I received this gorgeous daisy necklace by "THBaker Stores" made by Kit Heath which sells jewellery from your bracelets, necklaces, earrings and all that jazz. This daisy necklace is absolutely beautiful! Seriously in love with how perfectly dainty it is and you can wear this everyday with any outfit.

Fullips Lip Enhancers Review & "How To" ♥

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Been lovin' this sunshine in the UK recently it's been gorgeous! Another reason why I haven't blogged for a week because of work and simply just enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. Manchester is pretty unpredictable so you need to enjoy it before it probably starts snowing haha!

Not only have I been enjoying the sunshine but I have been enjoying these brand new craze "Fullips Lip Enhanchers" made in the USA! I actually envy girls that have naturally gorgeous juicy full lips so, being me with just normal sized quite plump-ish lips. I get to play around with these lip enhancers. Much prefer this method to botox, lip fillers or any type of surgical procedure! Even though these lip enhancers are temporary and don't last you months and months, it is much safer and much more fun and less pain to put up with.

Basic Spring Look featuring Lash Boutique "Lainey" Lashes Review ♥

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With all this sunshine, forget wearing makeup! I literally wear minimal makeup when it's hot outside, even when it's a bit chilly! Don't you just hate that feeling of your foundation gettin' patchy, feeling like it's literally melting off? I sure do so a bit of concealer does the job!

This is the very "basic" look I have been doing over the past few days or so! To be honest I have been loving the fact that life is much easier sometimes not applying foundation and all that jazz! Really it is so easy waking up and just doing this look, still feeling good about yourself because your not completely naked and enjoying your day! Find out what products I used to create this look below;!