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Quick Fix Facials | Mega Moisture Gel Mask - Dry & Thirsty Skin ♥

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I'm always up for a quick fix! If my skin starts to misbehave, I need to it to start behaving quickly. I don't have time to wait around for skincare to eventually kick in, especially when it's spring and summer will be shortly arriving so I want to be able to have healthy-glowing looking skin! No dry patches here and there haha! Recently my skin needs a kick up the bum, it's somehow reacted to something or it's the confusion of the weather, I just don't know? So it's started to go really dry and tight, even certain makeup wasn't sitting right on my skin HOWEVER talking about quick fix, I was kindly sent "Quick Fix Facials | Mega Moisture Mask" for dry and thirsty skin just like mine! You can purchase this from Boots store and there is more to the range!

This facial mask, is a absolute dream. Few days of using this once a day my skin is finally getting the drink it needs. It sure must of been thirsty because it soaked up the goodness in no time!

Bioderma | Sensibio BB Cream & Reddened Sensitve Skin Cream ♥

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BIODERMAAAAAA! It's back in my life & with a bang because my skin for some reason is really misbehaving. I blame the weather because I can't even tell what the day is going to be, one minute it's sunshine and glowing and the next minute it's hailing and dry!? Never mind not knowing what to dress myself in when I leave my house but my skin is getting it! Recently its becoming so dry and the odd flakiness, and nothing seems to be working especially when my skin becomes super sensitive to EVERYTHING! Then Bioderma sent me their beautiful "Sensibo" BB Cream & Reddened Sensitive Skin! I have never really suffered from red skin but since all this change to my skin, I am getting the odd red patch. Bioderma, never fail to amaze me! Within a few days of using their products my skin is finally recovering and going back to normal moisturised self! Find out why it works wonders for my skin!

Blue Vanilla | Crossover Bubble Hem Top ♥

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Oh laa laa! Blue Vanilla, a beautiful unique online store. It has so many beautiful items on there, truthfully I didn't know much about them but I wish I found them sooner to tell you all! Ay, there is no time like the present! Today I'm going to show you a gorgeous "Crossover Bubble Hem Top"

A gorgeous chic chiffon blouse that I could wear during day and night, casual and dress up! I love the fact it's classy and feminine with a hint of sophistication. The fabric is a sheer chiffon but not to see through where you have to wear a vest or something underneath it. To be quite honest I just wear the top on it's own, you can see a little bit of your bra if it's black, but not to the extreme where ladies would look at you like your naked haha or offend them. The crossover detail is only to the front which I love because of the fit!

False Eyelashes | Featuring Red Cherry Lashes & Eylure Clear Finish Lash Glue ♥

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False lashes, I can't seem to leave the house without them! I have a pair for each occasion, nights out with the ladies, natural ones for everyday and possibly ones to get away with whilst working! Some of you might think it's an addiction but sometimes on certain days, mascara doesn't do it for me and fulfill my lash needs haha! Even my best mascaras don't cut it when my natural lashes are misbehaving! This is where my favourite lash website "" saves me! They have pretty much most lash brands, unique brands and also stock ones that you can't really purchase in the UK or in stores. What more could you ask from a lash website. Very amazing company to send me my favourite "Red Cherry" lash brand! I even did a post a while back "How to Apply Red Cherry Lashes". False Eyelashes also sent me "Eylure Clear Finish Lash Glue which is definitely one of my favourite lash glues.