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Maybelline | Dream Flawless Nude Fluid-Touch Foundation ♥

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The world of "Maybelline" have brought out their best foundation yet & has a beauty addict I had to purchase and try it! Firstly the packaging catches my eye, the simplicity, unusual shape and the beauty of it. I am a lover of Maybelline & truly am probably their number one fan. Everything about this foundation is completely different to what I have used previously in the past, not just by Maybelline but every other brand including high street products.

BCAA & L Glutamine Formulas with Promo Codes by MyProtein ♥

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"MyProtein" addiction continues and my fitness improving! This is what I use to mainly repair and recover either during or after my training session. "BCAA" and "L Glutamine".

"BCAA", your probably wondering what it stands for? Well lucky for you it's "Branch Chain Amino Acids". Most people like me call it "BCAA" it's easier and better to remember haha! BCAA works wonders for me & I absolutely LOVE it.