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Nude | Pink Masque Acrylic Nails by Lucy Hoy | Room 12 Beauty Salon ♥

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Evening! I must say I am extremely happy today, only because I no longer have boy hands! If your acrylic lover like me, when you go days, weeks even months without acrylic nails it sends you insane. I do not know how I have lasted this long without my nails. Addicted to gorgeous long acrylics, so I visited my lovely and most favourite salon "Room 12 Beauty Salon" & had them done, much relieve that was. I seen one picture which caught my eye on their Instagram and it was a nude acrylic and I fell in love so I had to book in ASAP to get these on!

I have had white tips, stiletto's, rhinestones, pretty much the lot! However never had "Nude/Pink Masque" on everywhere, so it was very different but in an amazing way. Natural is the way forward these days so I can get away with these being more natural than white tip acrylics, because they shout FAKE before you even seen them! Don't get me wrong I am a lover of white tip but since seeing and having these, it has made me think of a whole new world haha!

CLA & Thermo-Extreme Capsules with Promo Codes by MyProtein ♥

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It's MyProtein again! Becoming a fitness freak has you may of noticed on my blog, but don't worry Beauty and Makeup will still be involved! You may of read about my "MyProtein" supplement surprise so I'm going to review for you "CLA" capsules & the "Thermo-Extreme" capsules. These capsules kind of work together, both of them are based on weight loss but the Thermo-Extreme can also be used has a pre-workout!

NIKE Roshe Run Hyperfuse QS Trainers ♥

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NIKE ROSHE RUN. Nike will never disappoint, their trainers are beautiful! The good thing about these trainers they are actually mens but could be worn as unisex! So it was pretty amazing that they caught my eye but to be honest, a guy tried them on before me and I loved them on him however I thought I'd try them also but a size 5.5 and I fell in love straight away!

They are lime, pink and black with white base! It was infact the lime and white that caught my eye because they are my favourite colours but to complete the look was the pink! Lime yellow and pink is an amazing combination.