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MyProtein Supplement Surprise ♥

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I am so so grateful to be able to work along side "MyProtein"! Recently I have had a massive addiction and passion for fitness and I really want to work on my health, strength and shape. I have used MyProtein for quite a while so I know the in's and outs of the products and know what's best to suit my routines, my goals & achievements. This is more of a collection post for the time being so I can kick start my products and tell you all about it in a few days to a week.

Let's Go Lashes, Lash Extensions by Lucy Hoy | Room 12 Beauty Salon ♥

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Some mornings, I want to wake up with perfect lashes! Who doesn't? Forget mascara, forget them strip lashes! Just wake up and off you go with your day! Well Lucy comes to the rescue has she offers "Let's Go Lashes, Silk Lash Extensions". They are beautiful and super pleased the outcome. Now I can much more of a lie in now because I don't need to worry about getting glue everywhere whilst putting on my strip lashes!