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Dazzling Ladies | Mane 'n' Tail Shampoo & Conditioner Herbal Essentials Range ♥

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Straight, Wavy, Curls! Every girl wants hair that their friends have, what do you mean? Well my girls seem to have luscious waves, naturally and I want them so badly! Wavy locks are beautiful, especially when they are natural. Yeah I have styled mine with all sort of heat appliances to make it the way I want so it has had slight damage even though I us heat protection and also I have dyed it all sort of colours along with dip dying it with bleach to make it purple for example haa!

To keep my hair in good condition I have been using "Mane 'n' Tail" Shampoo & Conditioner Herbal Essentials range to keep it feeling and looking super soft and not show them split ends. I've used this quite a few times now and it's extremely good considering my hair wasn't in the best condition. The ends of my hair can be quite dry and maybe mid-length too. My roots never really have a problem of getting oily|greasy so I don't have to wash it often. Usually I wash it twice a week maybe? Because my hair is so straight and fly-away, before using this range I had to use pretty much most products to help give it volume or some sort of ummphhh! Girl problems, definitely.

HD Brows Treatment by Lucy Hoy | Room 12 Beauty Salon ♥

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Brows are the new best friends these days. Forget about "diamonds being a girl's best friend", if you don't have that perfect brow, ladies go crazy for it. I can't lie, I love the sharp arched brow that's been the latest trend. Kindly Lucy that owns the salon "Room 12" in Bury with her sister let me try the HD brows treatment. Super happy with the outcome and it was very quick infact and painless! These brows are the best brows I have ever had done, in my eyes these are perfection!

Like I said I am pretty much obsessed with well-presented eyebrows because they really do shape your face and give you the perfect definition. Having a good brow can make such a difference to your appearance and also it gives me confidence haha. I usually just wax my brows and maybe give me a little tweeze every now and again so I decided to get the HD Brows Treatment instead.

(Please ignore them fake lashes, they were a bit gluey due to my eye kept watering before the treatment, but I was to excited to post the review for everyone, so please just look at them amazing brows instead haha!)

MyProtein | Vanilla Flavoured Protein Wafers ♥

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Hello! Another fitness post, I've become a right fitness freak lately but don't worry ladies and gents I'm still doing my beauty posts, it's just recently I have really been focusing on my weight, my body shape, trying to improve myself and my fitness! With my new and improved diet I have included some certain foods/products into my lifestyle to help me along my journey and to provide my body with the right nutrition during my training and rest days.

Most of you reading this may of heard of "MyProtein and what the brand is, and what they sell? If you don't then basically the company "MyProtein" are based on providing the best sport nutrition out there from protein to amino acids and they only supply the best.

I most definitely have a sweet tooth and I know there is probably 90% of the population that do! Just a little guess because who doesn't love a sweet touch every now and again! Since I've been extremely good and training hard, I seen these "Protein Wafers", errr squeeze me I'll try some of them & they can satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthier way! You can get them in Vanilla or Strawberry! I'm more of a vanilla type of girl so ay!

WaistCinchers UK | Ann Chery Animal Print Pink & Week 2 of Waist Training ♥

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Would you believe, half way through week one of WaistCinchers UK waist training, I had to get a small size! It couldn't believe my eyes. I do believe that the week one training my body adjusted to it quite fast but at the same time I have been losing weight! I said I wasn't going to do a week two review because week three was bit more far ahead to see better results but I couldn't resist so I thought to give you a little insight of whats been going on! The amazing company, after I told them I need to go smaller sent me another product! How amazing, I appreciate it so much. They sent me "Ann Chery Animal Print Collection Sport Latex Cincher" in pink of course!

Breakfast | Avocado Treat with Workout Exercises ♥

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Afternoon lovelies. I know I haven't posted for a while, I have had extremely busy time moving about and just doing general day to day things and just not had the time to do a blog. Well I'm back with a healthy post today. You may know I have been using the WaistCinchers UK waist trainers/shapers which have been amazing and I am going to do my "3 week journey" this Friday because I know some of you can't wait to see if results have appeared. Since wearing their waist trainers/shapers, I have wanted to workout more & definitely eat a lot healthier. Here is a breakfast idea which is so easy to do!