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Topshop | Borg Lined Parka Jacket ♥

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Ay, I am proud of myself, I actually own a proper jacket. Don't seem shocked because I never have bought myself a decent warm jacket before, I think this is my first ever jacket I have truly loved and it has kept me warm. I usually wear the short ones with a bit of fur on maybe? Yeah them ones, that you think look warm but infact, when you walk outside you immediately turn into an icicle. Well "Topshop" you have done a mama proud. I had my eyes on this jacket for a while, because I absolutely love the white fur and the white fur lining inside. "Borg Lined Parka Jacket" is in the SALE my ladies! Don't miss out on it, because like I said, I had my eyes on it before the sale but never ended up purchasing it, when it come to boxing day and I seen it was down to £50! I could not resist, WAHOOO! It was on its way home with me haha!

Happy New Year | My New Year in Photos ♥

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I know I am eight days late, uploading these but ay better late than never! I have been super busy and had the week off so thought I would just slowly slide in my new years photos! I had an amazing new year and literally the best start to my year than I have ever had before. I was with my close ones, my best friends and even got to see my mum & dad before they went off to their party. I decided to throw a house party this year but soon after the countdown we all decided to go out and finish the night off. I wore a gorgeous black "New Look" dress that I managed to grab in the sales, so Enjoy!

Miss Sporty | The Miaoww Look Upcoming Products ♥

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Afternoon my lovelies! It has been quite a good day I must say and also I have some amazing ideas that may be popping up very soon! Keep your eyes peeled for that. I had a beautiful delivery today from Miss Sporty! Very cute and quirky products for their Spring 15' launch which I can give you a sneak peek of! "Miaoww Collection" from the lovely mascara to colourful nail varnishes and luscious lipsticks! Good thing about it, it's extremely affordable and will be launching soon!

Dove Purely Pampering Body Cream | Happy New Year ♥

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!. I know ladies and gents, I am 7 days late but thought I would give myself a little week break, so I can start fresh and motivated to begin this blogging year with a BANG! I hope you all had a lovely new years and enjoying 2O15. Well I managed to bag myself a few companies collaborations and a part-time job with Total Fitness gym with my bestest friend & fellow blogger Paige! Literally had the best new years ever and the best start to January. Finally getting back on my feet.

I shall stop waffling on and get down to business. Winter is annoying for the skin, my skin certainly hates the winter and the cold. I really have to make sure I keep on top of things and make sure I am always hydrated and moisturised, or else I get it! If some of your struggle from Eczema or just very dry skin, you know what I mean when the winter hits you! I am always on the search for a really hydrating moisturising body cream, and Dove, with it being so gentle on sensitive dry skins I thought I should try their latest body cream. "Dove Purely Pampering Body Cream" sounds delicious, with their Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla ingredients!