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Who wouldn't want to look like an alien or have gorgeous big black eyes! SpookyEyes.Com kindly sent me "All Black" contact lenses! At first I was a bit "Oh dear" just because I never thought to wear black, I'm more of a natural kind of person haha, so give me blue, green and browns any day! I'm not saying black coloured eyes and natural but I see them more as a Halloween kind of look! Spooky Eyes are definitely the most comfortable contact lenses I have worn & this is my third pair now that I've enjoyed putting in and leaving them there.

I definitely felt like an alien when I looked in the mirror, however they did grow on me and did end up loving them in the end! These would be perfect for Hallooween or fancy dress. Maybe not for everyday, well not for me anyway! Don't get me wrong, all of what they have sent me, I have loved.

Wondering how to put contact lenses in?

1. You need to make sure your hands are clean, you don't want any dirt, grime or fluff on your fingers because it might irritate your eyes.
2. Place the lenses on the tip of your index fingers, so it sits like a dome on your finger. I find that the easiest way.
3. With you middle finger, from the hand holding the lense or your free hand, pull down your bottom lid to create space.
4. I find it easy to look up a little then place the lense on your eye, you might want to wiggle your eye so it fits nicely & blink to get it in place.
5. VOILA! Your done, go out there and show the world you eyes!

I would love to see if you lovely readers have changed your eye colour or used Spooky Eyes before? Love to see and read your blog posts about them!

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