Bombay Hair Gold Collection | Flat Iron Styler ♥

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You can never have enough of hair products, hair tools, hair styles! Bombay Hair is a gorgeous brand that sells products such as, hair extensions, hair styling tools & accessories. I'm more of a straight kind of girl, I love curling/waving my hair every now and again but usually my hair is straight everyday and even on a girly night out. Bombay Hair sent me their 100% Titanium Flat Iron Styler ($130.00). Never felt such a light-weight hair straightener & super smooth to use.

The unique gold plates claim to make it smoother and easier for you to use during styling, making it faster and effortless. Is this true? I can agree that the plates in the past I have used are nothing compared to these beauties! Literally I wait for a few seconds to heat up and BAM I'm gliding through my hair like never before. Usain Bolt couldn't be quicker than this hahah I joke! I really like the fact that it has a digital screen with the temperature which lights up green to tell you when it's reached your desired temperature. You can choose different temperatures that best suit your hair. Especially if you have fine hair to thick bombshell hair ha!

I've noticed over time it's left a nice shine to my hair & it isn't frizzy like it used to be in the past after straightening my hair! BIG bonus, because who wants frizzy hair?

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2 comments on "Bombay Hair Gold Collection | Flat Iron Styler ♥"
  1. That is such a beautiful styler! I'd buy it just for the packaging!!


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