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Since I can remember I've always wanted big green eyes. My natural eyes are brown however they do change in the light and end up being half green at the bottom on both eyes & then change to hazel at the top, very strange haha. Spooky Eyes were lovely enough to send me some green contact lenses so finally can experience the green life! "Hulk Eyes". Extremely green and beautiful.

Putting contact lenses can be a fiddle but once you do it the first time, it is super easy! These contact lenses are super soft, it doesn't irritate my eyes, really really comfortable to wear all day. I did love this green and would prefer to wear these around Halloween or Fancy Dress but the only downside with this colour, is that it's not an everyday natural green! So I've been eyein' up some natural greens on their website to choose ones I can get away with everyday. They have so many different colours and styles, you will definitely find one that is perfect for you without a doubt. Everything about these contacts are perfect and definitely will be using these "Hulk Eyes" for Halloween!

For those wondering how you put contact lenses in your eyes for those that have never tried them before, here is a little tutorial for you!:

1. You need to make sure your hands are clean, you don't want any dirt, grime or fluff on your fingers because it might irritate your eyes.
2. Place the lenses on the tip of your index fingers, so it sits like a dome on your finger. I find that the easiest way.
3. With you middle finger, from the hand holding the lense or your free hand, pull down your bottom lid to create space.
4. I find it easy to look up a little then place the lense on your eye, you might want to wiggle your eye so it fits nicely & blink to get it in place.
5. VOILA! Your done, go out there and show the world you eyes!

I would love to see if you lovely readers have changed your eye colour or used Spooky Eyes before? Love to see and read your blog posts about them!

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