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Every girl loves lush lashes & to be proud of them!.. Well "Be Proud" Eyelashes kindly sent me gorgeous pack of lashes "Victorious" which I am in love with. Seriously impressed with the quality, the length, the volume, everything you want strip lashes to be! When the delivery arrived, I absolute loved the packaging it come in, well presented and unique.

Super pleased with these lashes! Be proud has put so much hard work and time into these lashes and really proud of the lady that is behind the scenes. Let's talk about the lashes, very unique lashes and different from each other, which I like because depending on the occasion I can switch it up! The glue on the other hand is the most amazing glue I've come across, it's been a while to find a eyelash glue that I really like & this one pops up. Super easy to apply, it doesn't budge throughout the day for me and stays put! There has been naughty times where I've fell asleep with them on and the next morning they look like I've just applied them like normal. You wouldn't say NO to a glue like this, I'm telling you! Even the lashes themselves didn't crush, bend or move, well that is a miracle.

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