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Illasmasqua is extremely qwerky and fun! Especially when they name their products. Firstly want to get it out there that this blush called "Zygomatic", it's actually named after your "cheek bones". The correct term for your cheek bone (area) is your zygomatic! Creative, yes! Love it? Yes! I'm a big lover of Illamasqua products & have been for a long time. I've never tried their "cream blushers" until this popped along and I thought "I really want to try this". Illamasqua kindly sent me "Zygomatic Cream Blush" to review and I must say, I don't think I'll be turning to powder blushers any time soon.

"Zygomatic" (£21.50) is a gorgeous naked pink peachy brown! It's lush. Different brands have different cream consistences. Illamasqua's cream blush is gorgeous, super easy to blend, as a good amount of pigmentation, isn't sticky, dewy & of course long lasting. Everyone has that one shade that suits you and you always buy the closest shade possible to your collection! Anything pinky brown is mine so this on my skin tone is beaut. Instead of it putting colour on my cheeks, this shade enhances my complexion and makes everything else pop out. Don't get me wrong, it does add colour to my cheeks BUT it works with everything else that I apply. I use this with either a brush or my fingertips, either one works well & gives you a lovely finish

It's the perfect "No Makeup" makeup blush! The I want a little touch of makeup but something that looks natural. We all do it haha! Flush of colour. Definitely recommend this for all skin tones, skin types and to be quite honest EVERYONE. Perfect little makeup bag treat

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