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Since I've dyed my hair and had highlights put in my hair feels a little more dry than usual! Don't get me wrong my hair type has been forever dry but since my new hair change it needs some TLC (tender loving care)! Dove launched a new hair care collection which looks very inviting but never got round to purchasing it until a few days ago! It is the new "Advanced Hair Series" & I bought the range that was specifically for dry and dull hair! Spot on, it sounded perfect for me. With my hair, I am always open to try new hair products and experience everything, because I am always learning something new with my type of hair.

Using the shampoo and conditioner it has encouraged me to purchase the rest of the "Dull & Dry" collection because I think the other items would give my hair a greater boost of Dove goodness! I adore the Shampoo, it felt soft, I could run my fingers through my hair whilst it was wet and it didn't feel dry and stripped. Just before applying the conditioner, just the shampoo alone made my hair feel strong, non-brittle & super clean.

Oh la the conditioner is beautiful, probably my favourite out of the two. To be honest with you, I am addicted conditioner! I always apply mostly to the mid-length to ends and sometimes I apply everywhere, without a doubt I let the conditioner soak into my hair for good 5 minutes so that my hair can grab all the benefit. Never actually come across a conditioner that makes your hair feel silky and smooth whilst it's wet. It was that soft, it was so easy to brush through! Usually no matter what products you use without a doubt it tangles slightly when you brush through but NOPE not with this one, it brushed through with ease and no tangle or tug. Never been so pleased in my life over a conditioner! It made everything super easy afterwards.

Hair all nice and dried, still felt amazing and also it felt light! When your hair feels light, you feel lifted! These two are perfect products combined, detangle, nourish and leaves your hair feeling really silky. Have you used Dove's new hair care range?

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