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Glistening pearly whites! Everyone loves gleaming teeth, I do! I just don't like the fact that most ways you have to use chemicals, bleaches and them type of products that aren't exactly great for your teeth in the long run! However I have found a great product that makes your teeth whiter, with pretty much no chance of damage and erosion to your teeth. "CocoWhite" is a company that provides products which naturally whitens your teeth through Coconut Oil-Pulling. It is a practice that has been around for donkeys years and still works to this day.

It's has simple has swirling the product around your mouth for 5-15 minutes and rinsing and woohooo your done for the day! This brand have created perfect size dosage to use each day/night and a box of 14 sachets of a variety of flavours. It is purely coconut oil, but "CocoWhite" have added a hint of natural flavouring such as; Mint, Vanilla and Lemon so it isn't bland.

I always forget to do a before and after picture for this products like this! I use it after the first go and I'm like "oops, didn't do a before picture" so you will have to just take my word for it haha!

"CocoWhite" is a product you use once a day and preferably before brushing your teeth, so either in the morning when you wake up or before you go to bed. You simply squeeze the sachet into your mouth and start to swirl around! The oil is a very very weird consistency so when I did squeeze the oil into my mouth it was very unexpected and I did feel slightly "gaggy". Once I swirled it around and the product turned into an liquid oil it was absolutely fine. When the package is at a cool temperature it seems to set because they don't use any chemicals etc. There is a trick before you squeeze, is to warm up the sachet before use to warm up the oil making it easier for you!

They say 5-15 minutes, you can start at 5 and work yourself up! I didn't, I went in for the full 15 minutes because I wanted the best of the best results. It was slightly hard because I wasn't used to the consistency and also my mouth did ache during the 15 minutes but ay I fought fought through it haha!

My teeth aren't bad or very discoloured but I know they could be brighter and a lot more whiter! I do brush my teeth daily so it's just your general plaque and bacteria that this product mostly gets rid of, making your teeth a lot more appealing haha!

On my first night I used this just before bed and to keep my self occupied, I was actually swirling the product around whilst I was curling my hair & it took my mind off the first few minutes whilst it melted into my mouth! Also I put a timer on my phone for 15 minutes, the minutes flew by but I do think that's because I was doing something else & wasn't just sat there! However after a aching 15 minutes, I rinsed my mouth out and smiled in the mirror! WOAH I was extremely impressed just after my first go! My teeth were so much whiter and brighter, I'm not over-exaggerating either! Really impressed, especially after my second and third time.

You can buy 14 sachets for 19.99 either one flavour or assorted but a good thing is you can have a monthly subscription for just £17.99! So you do save 10%! Every little helps. You can view their collection here! It is worth the pennies because it gives you instructions, you do see results if you stick to it and it helps that they work the dosage amount in perfect sized sachets!

Let me know if you have tried these or want to try them! What your thoughts about CocoWhite, tweet me.

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