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Oh deary me, my skin the past few weeks as been a nightmare! Honestly it's never felt so dry & irritated. I have been digging and digging for a new range that would help my skin! Well HELLO Clarins! Thank you so much for letting me try your "Sensitive Skin" collection and also thank you for saving my skin too! With me being an eczema sufferer, I have suffered with sensitive skin with it too pretty much since I can remember! All this happening it made my skin super sensitive so I have to be really picky what moisturisers and all what I put on my face. Clarins kindly sent me their "SOS Sensitive" collection & my oh my I have seen a massive difference in the texture & the look. Overall a really good improvement. They sent me three products;

"Sensitive Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate"
"Gentle Day Cream"
"Gentle Night Cream"

"Sensitive Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate (£42.00)" is a gorgeous serum that I apply first after cleansing my skin! I believe this product should be in everyone's beauty bag, because it sure is in mine. This serum is like no other I have come across previously, it's gorgeous, silky and not too "oily" if you know what I mean. With my skin being the way it is, it's helped soothe my irritation, redness and it's going back to normal and back to it's glowing ways. Use this everyday day and night without a doubt, it is that gentle to use and also around the eyes. When I apply this serum, my skin instantly feels comfortable, hydrated and soft.

"Gentle Day Cream (£39.00)" & "Gentle Night Cream (£42.00)" is beautiful. Both these creams are for skin types with dry/dehydrated-sensitive prone skin so it's perfect for me! After trying it for a good amount of days, my skin went from super dry to super deliciously moisturised ahah! My skin has never felt so plump and hydrated for such a long time. Finally found a cream that suits my skin without the need to worry. The cream is white & it has a very creamy-thick consistency but it doesn't feel thick when you apply it on your skin, it's thins and smoothes out leaving it evenly hydrated. A single small squirt on the back of your hand or fingertip which I warm up before-hand is enough to cover your face even a little bit down your neck!

These are now products that I love a lot & definitely will be spreading the word. Does your skin need some SOS treatment and help quench your thirst? Have you used this range, let me know!

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