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You can't get enough of mascaras! I have a draw full of them, any girl can call themselves a mascara addict but which mascara would you choose to bring with you no matter where you go? I have one and it's in my makeup bag every where I go. "Wonder Perfect Mascara" by Clarins! Something I reckon wonder woman would have in her makeup bag!

With this mascara Clarins did exceptionally well, the brush head is big but not to big where it's complicated to apply. Firstly I'm going to talk about the brush, because the brush tends to do all the work and make your lashes look fab! When applying without a doubt the brush is covered, the bristles are completely covered with the mascara, not in a "clumpy" way either. I actually love how the mascara is completely coated and you don't have to double dip to make sure it is.

Pretty impressed with this mascara, it does the job and makes your lashes "wonderfully perfect". The mascara definitely adds length, volume and most certainly thickness. Wonder Perfect mascara !(£21.50) which I have realised recently when applying it everyday, it adds a little curl to your lashes which adds a bit of character haha. I've actually been swimming with this mascara on, even though it is not waterproof I'm very impressed with any splashes or water that caught my lashes, it didn't smudge, budge or turn clumpy on my lashes!

One or two coats of this mascara and it does give your longer fuller lashes! I'm not there for ages sat on the edge of my bed applying mascara like some mascaras in the past that I have struggled with. "Wonder Perfect Mascara" is the type of mascara that can give you a natural all day everyday look or if you want, build it up to go out with the girls at night! Simple has one mascara that does all.

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