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Been lovin' this sunshine in the UK recently it's been gorgeous! Another reason why I haven't blogged for a week because of work and simply just enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. Manchester is pretty unpredictable so you need to enjoy it before it probably starts snowing haha!

Not only have I been enjoying the sunshine but I have been enjoying these brand new craze "Fullips Lip Enhanchers" made in the USA! I actually envy girls that have naturally gorgeous juicy full lips so, being me with just normal sized quite plump-ish lips. I get to play around with these lip enhancers. Much prefer this method to botox, lip fillers or any type of surgical procedure! Even though these lip enhancers are temporary and don't last you months and months, it is much safer and much more fun and less pain to put up with.

"Fullips" kindly sent me the "Multi-Pack" & in fact it's the new design with a modern twist. The pack includes a Large Round, Medium Oval, and Small Oval Lip Enhancers giving you full flexibility & choice to really target specific areas or to create an overall fuller lip.

I absolutely love these, it's such an easier, painless way to get fuller lips! Doesn't take more than 2-3minutes and it lasts around 2-4 hours and the good thing about it, it is handbag friendly! You can bring it with you anywhere you go and when you want to give your lips a quick plump, just whip out the enhancer and away you go. I will be definitely using these everyday even though I have since I received them but I can't go without them!

This is my "how-to" but please remember these type of products you need to practice and try it, experiment with your own technique because everyone's lips are different and some techniques shown might or might not work. Don't worry it took me a while to get the hang of things and eventually after watching many techniques on their instagram and also youtube video on their website - here, I finally got it! This is how I do it with a little video for you lovelies also!

Step One: I make sure my lips are clean (exfoliate if you wish) & I slightly wet my lips with water so the enhancer has something to hold onto and may help to have a tighter suction which achieves a better result.
Step Two: Positioning the "Medium Oval" squashed slightly over my lips, hold into play and sucking short puffs air out of the enhancers until solid suction then after 5 seconds of gentle pulling, pull off gently and then repeat about 6-8 times which I notice quicker results and fuller lips.
Step Three: Using the same shape I place it vertically and do the same method so I plump out the centre of my lips and little bit more.

I repeat the last two steps until I'm happy with the fullness and shape. You may of noticed I only really use the "Medium Oval" because it suits and fits my natural shape lips better.

Step Four: Apply either vaseline/lip balm afterwards or your normal cosmetic lip products!


Thank you so much for letting me try these "Fullips", super pleased with them and also addicted!

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2 comments on "Fullips Lip Enhancers Review & "How To" ♥"
  1. I have wanted to try these out for so long!! Need to get my hands on them

  2. I've heard so many things about this and I really want to try it! I need those Kylie Jenner lips aha!
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