Daisy Necklace | by Kit Heath Silver Jewellery from THBaker Stores ♥

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Walkin' through the park and seeing daisies makes you realise summer is coming! All the cute dainty jewellery comes out in Spring and Summer! I received this gorgeous daisy necklace by "THBaker Stores" made by Kit Heath which sells jewellery from your bracelets, necklaces, earrings and all that jazz. This daisy necklace is absolutely beautiful! Seriously in love with how perfectly dainty it is and you can wear this everyday with any outfit.

It's a British jewellery designer that actually design quite personal but stylish items. They do other "Daisy"jewellery from rings, bracelets and necklaces. Personally I love the necklaces, really girly and summery! This necklace they sent me is silver which I know most people like and also silver can match any colour outfit.

The chain itself is sturdy and seems quite strong considering it is so dainty. The good thing about this dainty chain, it is lightweight and doesn't irritate me. Weighty chains are a big NO NO for me, I do prefer weightless rather than a necklace that weighs you down and is uncomfortable to wear.

There is matching earrings/rings to complete the set! This style you could easily dress it up or dress it casual so it makes you happy either way. I really do thank "THBaker Stores" for sending me this to try some cute tops/dresses I have match it really well!

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1 comment on "Daisy Necklace | by Kit Heath Silver Jewellery from THBaker Stores ♥"
  1. This is absolutely beautiful and so me!! I love it! :) Great post and fab photos! :) xx


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