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BEAUTY & GO is a perfect beauty drink! It's brilliant to be able to apply products onto the skin but what about actually drinking the goodness and letting it work inside - out. Many of the first beauty drinks to be enriched with Macro-Antioxidants. I am extremely happy with these little drinks, not only did they taste delicious but the benefits you receive are truly amazing. These drinks are calorie reduced at only 35 calories per 100ml, sweetened naturally. There are four different BEAUTY & GO products, one for each need that your skin has, so you can mix and match throughout the week! I received the "Anti-Aging", "Detox" & "Vitality", the missing one is "Radiance" which I can't wait to try!

I'll start of "Vitality" which is actually the first one I drank from the bunch! This beaut, is the type of drink to give your skin vitality, luminosity and elasticity. It has tasty, fruity ingredients such as; green tea extract, pomegranate, olive extract, baobab, ginkgo biloba. The ingredients in this drink actually work together to reduce the look of tiredness and fatigue and uplift your skin to keep it at a optimal condition! I noticed a slight glow to my skin after drinking this, not straight away but a good hour! However I think drinking this has part of your lifestyle I wouldn't be surprised if you noticed a gorgeous more energized appearance! The taste of this one, was my favourite because it tasted quite tropical!

"Anti-Aging", us girls pretty much want to avoid aging, so we kind of know what this drink is going to be! This drink has collagen has an ingredient to help protect the skin and to keep it healthy-looking, smooth, provide firmness, elasticity and keep it in a good condition! The ingredients in this one are; pomegranate, green tea extract and hibiscus. I'm sure this drink has the most collagen so it can improve & delay the tissue and the skin from aging.

Last but certainly not least "Detox", I would say this is one of their popular drinks. Who doesn't love a good detox? This is a good drink to have everyday in my eyes. Literally this drink keeps the skin looking and feeling healthier and overall beautiful! The ingredients in this are; pomegranate, lemon, cucumber, broccoli, dandelion, nettle and spinach! Might not sound so appealing but ay, it isn't overall the best flavour but it is very drinkable! A girl gotta do, what a girl gotta do!

These are very well priced at just £2.99 a bottle and for that price it is amazing because of all the benefits! Fairly new company because they launched in Selfridges in March 2015! You can pop onto their website here -

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