Basic Spring Look featuring Lash Boutique "Lainey" Lashes Review ♥

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With all this sunshine, forget wearing makeup! I literally wear minimal makeup when it's hot outside, even when it's a bit chilly! Don't you just hate that feeling of your foundation gettin' patchy, feeling like it's literally melting off? I sure do so a bit of concealer does the job!

This is the very "basic" look I have been doing over the past few days or so! To be honest I have been loving the fact that life is much easier sometimes not applying foundation and all that jazz! Really it is so easy waking up and just doing this look, still feeling good about yourself because your not completely naked and enjoying your day! Find out what products I used to create this look below;!

I absolutely love lashes from "Lash Boutique" they are amazing, especially Lainey! Lainey' style is so natural yet you could wear them day and night! No matter what I applied these lashes on every single day because I could get away with it and also let me tell you! Their glue is spot on perfect in my eyes, the glue is incredible and it stays on without a budge or a tickle, no need to check up on my lashes because I felt they would stay on. Literally in love with these babies and definitely be purchasing more in the future and recommend them to everybody!
Eyebrows: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour - Dark
Concealer: MAC Select Cover Up Concealer - NC40
Blusher: Illamasqua Bronzing Duo - Glint & Burnish (Discontinued shade)
Lashes: Lash Boutique - Lainey
Mascara: Studio Lash "The Miaoww" Mascara to blend your natural lash and the false ones.
Lips: Nothing or maybe a spot of vaseline.

It is has simple as that. Simple look with simple products!

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