Alien Absolue Essence & Balm Review by Thierry Mugler ♥

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Gorgeous ladies, I'm back with another amazing Alien fragrance by Thierry Mugler! This time it's the gorgeous "Alien Essence Absolue Fragrance" along with the "Alien Absolue Balm". These are quite unique fragrances from the Alien collection. "Absolue" is quite a lighter & oriental version of the original Alien. It's an intense "amber, floral vanilla" perfume. A lively fragrance with a kick to it but not over-powering.

"Alien Essence Absolue Fragrance" is slightly different to the original Alien, but of course I LOVE this essence. Very sensual & rich, I would say a "night-time" fragrance but sometimes you have to ignore the rules because I've had a bit of a spritz here and there of this fragrance and its done no harm haa. The vanilla notes show strongly in this fragrance so if you love vanilla scents then your in for a treat with this Alien! I'd say it is more of a autumn/winter scent but ay I ain't complaining when I wear this through the whole of summer. I would say, most people would like this and would be their taste.

On too the next one! "Alien Absolue Balm" is a sheer & radiant body balm. Which nourishes and illuminates the skin with a slight hint of the "Alien Essence" fragrance. It is rich and creamy enough like any other body moisturiser to last me throughout the day. It is lovely to apply especially more when I have a little whiff of the light fragrane that runs through it.

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1 comment on "Alien Absolue Essence & Balm Review by Thierry Mugler ♥"
  1. It looks and sounds like a gorgeous fragrance - I haven't tried this one but I like the original version x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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