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Yesterday was such a gorgeous day! Bright, sunny and perfect. Literally went gym & then went TGI's after with a special one, oh my was TGI's absolutely TASTY. However because it was a "relaxing" type of day especially after gym, I received the perfect package from #304 Clothing also, very good timing because it is the type of top that fit perfectly with the day!

I wore mid-rise jeggings from Riverisland, think they were called "Molly Mid-Rise Jeggings" most comfortable pair of jeggings ever! I literally wear these all the time and the colour of them fit and match with any colour top/shoes. BONUS. When my #304 Clothing parcel come, I opened it with excitement!

A gorgeous loose fitting crop sweat (jumper) with "KARMAS ONLY A BITCH IF YOU ARE" printed on the front. Very comfortable and soft jersey fleece material.

I love the quote, love the fit and everything about it shouts "stylish". #304 Clothing have a very unique style and I love all their designs. This crop sweat, was perfect throughout the hot weather we had in Manchester yesterday. Even though the sun was shining and it was hot, the loose fit and lightweight material made it extremely comfortable and cooling to wear ALL DAY!

I will be checking this brand ALL the time now, because it is that good. I already have a list waiting for my next purchases. The good thing about it, their clothes are suitable for all seasons - winter and summer. A mixed variety too so there is without a doubt something there for everyone!

Do make sure you check their website out and enjoy! #304 Clothing

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  1. Hi, I was wondering what clothes size you are, and what size you have to get in this jumper? xx


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