Man.Up Gym Wear Surprise Sneak Peek ♥

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BONJOUR! This Manchester weather is definitely not brightening up anyones day! Doom and gloom with a hint of grey. However the delivery driver definitely cheered me up today with a lovely package from "Man.Up Gym Wear". They sent me a whole gym outfit including a shaker not only that everything is LUMINOUS YELLOW & BRIGHT PINK. That changed my grey day to a bright one! Since I received them today thought I would give you a sneak peek out the package post before I show you them on in action. Thanks Man.Up for an amazing gym treat, can't wait to walk in the gym next! Enjoy and all the the direct links to each item is below!

Man.Up Womens Yellow Hoodie - £34.99
Man.Up Pink Bra - £29.99 Man.Up Slogan Tank "Squats Are A Gain In The Ass" - £19.99 Man.Up Yellow|Black Leggings - £34.99 Man.Up Pink Invincible Shaker - £4.99

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1 comment on "Man.Up Gym Wear Surprise Sneak Peek ♥"
  1. I like this post: interesting with beautiful photos! It’s a great job!
    Can’t wait to see the new one!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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