Healthy Snack | Onken Mango & Apple Yoghurt with Passion-Fruit ♥

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No' Ashleigh stay away from the junk! I sometimes eat far too much of it especially when I'm bored or when I think I'm hungry & too lazy to make a decent meal. Today I had a little craving for Passion-fruit, which I haven't had for quite a while actually so whilst I was in Tesco "Every little helps" I grabbed a trio pack & "Onken Mango and Apple Yoghurt". Mmmm mmm mmm, it's such a delicious combo, might not look quite as exotic but let me tell you, your taste buds will go crazy haha! If only "Onken" made a ALL Passion-fruit Yoghurt, I would be purchasing tubs and tubs of it.

Please ignore that chipped nail in the picture haha! It's the perfect mid-day snack and it fulfils your cravings and hunger. The combination of the three is gorgeous and I would love for you all to try it and tell me what you think!

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