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False lashes, I can't seem to leave the house without them! I have a pair for each occasion, nights out with the ladies, natural ones for everyday and possibly ones to get away with whilst working! Some of you might think it's an addiction but sometimes on certain days, mascara doesn't do it for me and fulfill my lash needs haha! Even my best mascaras don't cut it when my natural lashes are misbehaving! This is where my favourite lash website "www.falseeyelashes.co.uk" saves me! They have pretty much most lash brands, unique brands and also stock ones that you can't really purchase in the UK or in stores. What more could you ask from a lash website. Very amazing company to send me my favourite "Red Cherry" lash brand! I even did a post a while back "How to Apply Red Cherry Lashes". False Eyelashes also sent me "Eylure Clear Finish Lash Glue which is definitely one of my favourite lash glues.

#DW "Demi Wispy" | #110 "Molla" | #WSP "Wispy"

"Eylure" lash glue is just the best, it stays on ALL day! I have no trouble with corners of the lashes lifting! I can even sleep with these lashes on using this glue and no way will it budge or fall off on me unless I'm literally rubbing my face on the pillow haha! I apply the glue from the applicator by giving it a little squeeze so some product is around the rim of the nozzle and then apply to the lash strip! Wait about 20-30 seconds to let it get tacky and your good to glue on and be amazed with how good this product is! Really happy FalseEyelashes stock this product!

#WSP lashes are featured in the pictures above

To finish off this lovely amazing review of their website, here is a promotion code you can use for your next order! 10% OFF your order when you checkout by using "LASHED" on any lash brand and product! Also with ANY order of ANY amount you spend you will always receive FREE NEXT DAY delivery without a doubt! Another reason why I love this website because if I'm in need of lashes, I count on them to get them the next day if I order before the afternoon!

Let me know if you have been on their website and treated yourself to some lash goodies!

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