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Well well well, no surprise here! Just one of the best bronzers I have ever come across & it's only been on my cheeks a couple of hours. That just completes this review. It already deserves an amazing review after a few hours on these apples, well where do I begin? The pigmentation, the texture, the application is a dream. Now it's coming up to Summer, well sort of? I think Manchester is still in the Winter season but ay let's stay positive. Summer is a time where you want to look golden, sunkissed and bronzed! Forget foundation, even tinted moisturiser because hopefully it will melt off anyway because it's scorching HAWTTT! You want a bronzer that will give you a hint of colour, a little glow and your ready to walk out your house looking GLAM!

Right so, you can either use a bronzer brush or a blusher brush! No matter what brush you use, you will still get the same effect. I usually apply bronzer to the places where the sun naturally hits your face, places that stand out so if you caught the sun that's where you would bronze. Such as, nose, cheeks, forehead and possibly chin. Don't get me wrong when I was younger and just started wearing makeup, I used to get that bronzer and whip it all over my face as if it was foundation. I'm surprised I didn't star as a "oompa loompa" I was that ORANGE!

The good thing about this bronzer, you will not turn orange, no matter how many layers and layers you put on! I didn't turn orange, I tried haha! Just a lovely warm touch to the cheeks. When applying with your brush, it's gorgeous. No patches, very easy to blend and it looks/feels smooth on the skin. Doesn't bring out any of my imperfections, just simply makes me look beautifully bronzed, a girls dream come true.

With my dry skin, some powders can be either to chalky and drying on my skin however, not one dry patch, dry sensation or dry anything which I am super happy about because I can apply it everywhere without their being a problem.

You can purchase this bronzer here "Crown Brush UK Website" for just £6.99 thats a better price than some drug store bronzers & better quality.

If your not already on their website, then what you doing instead that is more important than bronzer!

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