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BIODERMAAAAAA! It's back in my life & with a bang because my skin for some reason is really misbehaving. I blame the weather because I can't even tell what the day is going to be, one minute it's sunshine and glowing and the next minute it's hailing and dry!? Never mind not knowing what to dress myself in when I leave my house but my skin is getting it! Recently its becoming so dry and the odd flakiness, and nothing seems to be working especially when my skin becomes super sensitive to EVERYTHING! Then Bioderma sent me their beautiful "Sensibo" BB Cream & Reddened Sensitive Skin! I have never really suffered from red skin but since all this change to my skin, I am getting the odd red patch. Bioderma, never fail to amaze me! Within a few days of using their products my skin is finally recovering and going back to normal moisturised self! Find out why it works wonders for my skin!

I previously used the "Hydrabio" range - & reviewed some of that collection which you can view here if you like! I need more of that collection because it was beautiful and again, I seen quick results! This "Sensibio" range focuses on skins which are weak, dehydrated, redness and irritation. Your one of them or more? Then you need to purchase or at least try this range because I believe it will work amazing for your type of skin.

Once I applied the "Reddened Sensitive Skin" product on my skin, I felt instant relieve and hydration! Even the irritation calmed down. I absolutely love this, so surprised how quick my skin felt with the first application. My skin must of been screaming for help and it finally got what it needs! It has a ultra-hydrating formula which is probably my favourite quote to read! This cream is super rich but very comfortable on the skin. I usually apply this twice a day, morning and night but if I'm wearing no makeup or minimal product, I will apply 3-4 because right now my skin definitely needs it, and since it's going back that way, I'll reduce the frequency & just apply twice a day.

Not only that, I can wear makeup straight after and throughout the day my skin will still receive treatment! "Sensibo BB Cream" is a treat! Have a lovely tinted coverage whilst it has multi-action skincare. What more would you want. This BB Cream most definitely is one of the best BB creams I have tried in a very very long time. Not only does it sit on my skin perfectly and blend to perfection, I feel moisturised and plumped at the same time. The colour is fab, also it left my skin feeling and looking FLAWLESS! My skin pretty looked like it was airbrushed. For just a BB cream, something that adds a hint of coverage and a hint of colour, is amazing!

It's definitely not a FULL coverage, medium coverage BB cream, it literally is a tinted cream however it made my skin look glowing and refreshed. You can use your fingers to apply with it being treatment based however anything that is "makeup" based, I always apply with a brush for several reasons, like less mess, less product used and also it gives a nicer finish!

These two products are absolutely amazing and definitely helped my skin out a lot in the past few days! A big thumbs up for me and will love to try more of this range. Another good thing about the Sensibio is that it's FRAGRANCE FREE. All us sensitive sufferers, fear no more because we have hope with Bioderma!!

To look at more of the Sensibio range, just click here and have a gander!

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