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Would you believe, half way through week one of WaistCinchers UK waist training, I had to get a small size! It couldn't believe my eyes. I do believe that the week one training my body adjusted to it quite fast but at the same time I have been losing weight! I said I wasn't going to do a week two review because week three was bit more far ahead to see better results but I couldn't resist so I thought to give you a little insight of whats been going on! The amazing company, after I told them I need to go smaller sent me another product! How amazing, I appreciate it so much. They sent me "Ann Chery Animal Print Collection Sport Latex Cincher" in pink of course!

When I first put this one on, I went straight to the second hook! I instantly felt a tighter difference to the one I've been wearing in week one! Your not meant to go straight to the tightest hook however I felt more of a difference than the loosest one. I already have some sort of waist so I think this is why I find it easier to go tighter quicker. If you have one at home, I recommend that you don't just jump to the tightest, gradually ease your way in! I do this because I know my body well and I know it adjusts to things quite quickly.

I only wear this 8-10 hours a day, but I have wore it on night outs with certain dresses to define the waist shape and possibly tuck in any bits haha! Unless people touch you, you can't tell at all that your wearing it. I love working out in it aswell because it can train and enhance your shape better too depending on the workouts you do. Definitely not disappointed with the quality of the stores waist trainers.

Next week, I will be putting a picture of my waist on here so you can see, won't do it this week because I want to leave it on a little bit longer so I am completely happy. Don't get me wrong I have been a difference each week massively! Super excited to show you all.

What do you think?

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