Nude | Pink Masque Acrylic Nails by Lucy Hoy | Room 12 Beauty Salon ♥

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Evening! I must say I am extremely happy today, only because I no longer have boy hands! If your acrylic lover like me, when you go days, weeks even months without acrylic nails it sends you insane. I do not know how I have lasted this long without my nails. Addicted to gorgeous long acrylics, so I visited my lovely and most favourite salon "Room 12 Beauty Salon" & had them done, much relieve that was. I seen one picture which caught my eye on their Instagram and it was a nude acrylic and I fell in love so I had to book in ASAP to get these on!

I have had white tips, stiletto's, rhinestones, pretty much the lot! However never had "Nude/Pink Masque" on everywhere, so it was very different but in an amazing way. Natural is the way forward these days so I can get away with these being more natural than white tip acrylics, because they shout FAKE before you even seen them! Don't get me wrong I am a lover of white tip but since seeing and having these, it has made me think of a whole new world haha!

These were sculptured nails and were doing within 40-60 minutes! The atmosphere at the salon is amazing and professional, really feel pampered. These are £25, so book in! They also do lovely pamper sets aswell! What do you think?

12 Colville Drive

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1 comment on "Nude | Pink Masque Acrylic Nails by Lucy Hoy | Room 12 Beauty Salon ♥"
  1. They look fab x


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