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Hello! Another fitness post, I've become a right fitness freak lately but don't worry ladies and gents I'm still doing my beauty posts, it's just recently I have really been focusing on my weight, my body shape, trying to improve myself and my fitness! With my new and improved diet I have included some certain foods/products into my lifestyle to help me along my journey and to provide my body with the right nutrition during my training and rest days.

Most of you reading this may of heard of "MyProtein and what the brand is, and what they sell? If you don't then basically the company "MyProtein" are based on providing the best sport nutrition out there from protein to amino acids and they only supply the best.

I most definitely have a sweet tooth and I know there is probably 90% of the population that do! Just a little guess because who doesn't love a sweet touch every now and again! Since I've been extremely good and training hard, I seen these "Protein Wafers", errr squeeze me I'll try some of them & they can satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthier way! You can get them in Vanilla or Strawberry! I'm more of a vanilla type of girl so ay!

Firstly, they taste DELICIOUS! They taste just like the real thing but better. So you know my background and what I want to achieve, I want to become more lean and build muscle in the right places but not to extreme but I want to be able to keep my curvy figure. Drop my body fat to a certain % and I'm happy. Yes I've lost weight but that's due to me eating healthier in the kitchen, not because I've cut meals out, changed my meal size, just eating much more cleaner and happier. I don't want to weigh myself every day or every week because infact I could be losing inches but not pounds because at the same time of losing the "chubby" bits, I'm infact building a lot more muscle and "Muscle weighs more than fat" so don't be worried if your working out and lifting weights! Your still getting there.

Oh' they look just has they taste.. good, however if you ever had "Pink Wafers" when you was younger or even now, they taste just like them! These "Vanilla Protein Wafers are high protein wafer snacks which have a protein filling from a blend of milk protein isolate and whey protein also. They provide 15g of protein per every two wafer bars which helps your growth and maintain lean mass.

You have these if your looking to increase your daily protein intake or you want a high protein snack throughout the day & you eat them either before or after training to help increase your protein.

Perfect size to eat and they fill your sugar cravings. They are crumbly but I ain't complaining because what wafer isn't haha? Lightweight texture and you don't feel overly full with them either. Sit on your stomach very well!

Ingredients for anyone that wants to know; Protein blend: (milk protein isolate, hydrolyzed gelatin, whey protein isolate); wheat, soy and corn flour; palm kernel and palm oil; sugar; fructose; cocoa butter; skim milk powder; cocoa liquor; soy lecithin (emulsifier), whole milk powder, dairy fat, pea protein, sunflower oil, water, flavours (contains liquorice), salt, leavening agent: sodium bicarbonate, sweetener: sucralose.

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