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The world of "Maybelline" have brought out their best foundation yet & has a beauty addict I had to purchase and try it! Firstly the packaging catches my eye, the simplicity, unusual shape and the beauty of it. I am a lover of Maybelline & truly am probably their number one fan. Everything about this foundation is completely different to what I have used previously in the past, not just by Maybelline but every other brand including high street products.

"Fluid Touch"? It means it is incredibly runny but silky! I can say it is, but definitely not "runny" in a messy way. Messy foundation easily put me off but with this one, works like a dream! What makes this foundation unique it the 'tear drop' plastic applicator opposed to a pump. You shake well first and Maybelline say you are meant to put a drop of foundation onto one finger and then apply to your face! I definitely not a lover anymore of using my fingers to apply even though your fingers can be your best tool to apply makeup which I believe to a certain extent. However I used my hands like they told me and it felt bizarre because I have not applied foundation like this in a long time! It was easy to blend & smooth even though I had moisturiser and primer before hand. Even using your fingers it sits perfectly on my skin. A couple of times I used my fingers but in the hand I just used a brush to apply which looked just has good when blended all over.

The coverage I'd say is a medium to build-able coverage after one|two applications. One coat is enough for me on a relaxing "doing something but nothing" kind of day but on night outs, two is perfect. Sometimes I don't need to apply concealer because this foundation does the trick to hide my super grey circles under my eyes. Considering I have dry skin and the finish of this foundation is "smooth-matte" I am super happy how well it stays on my skin all day, without a budge or a smudge! Usually "powder-like" finishes like this one I am not usually a fan of & usually wear more "dewy" finishes but "Dream Flawless Nude" has changed my mind completely about going back to that type of foundation finish.

The shade looks quite dark in this picture with the swatch being on the inside of my arm but I have a secret to tell you. I have been naughty and been going on the sunbed so I have gained a little bit of a tan! I've been on the sunbed to help my eczema because creams never seem to work for me when the weather in Manchester is confused and doesn't know whether it wants to snow or sunshine!. There is plenty of shades to choose from however do try it in store with the testers before guessing because some seem quite yellowy when blended.

I can say I am very very happy with this foundation. I would definitely re-purchase and spread the word. I bought this from Superdrug but anywhere that stocks Maybelline should have this. You can purchase this for just £8.99 but places like Superdrug & Boots have plenty of offers just like the 3for2 which gets everyone hooked.

I absolutely LOVE everything about this foundation, even when applying bronzer or blusher on top is super easy to blend and makes it look FLAWLESS!

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you think?

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