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Some mornings, I want to wake up with perfect lashes! Who doesn't? Forget mascara, forget them strip lashes! Just wake up and off you go with your day! Well Lucy comes to the rescue has she offers "Let's Go Lashes, Silk Lash Extensions". They are beautiful and super pleased the outcome. Now I can much more of a lie in now because I don't need to worry about getting glue everywhere whilst putting on my strip lashes!

The treatment took around 30-45 minutes and it was really relaxing, I probably even had a nap inbetween! Firstly she put pads under my eyes catching my bottom lashes with it aswell so during the treatment if the glue slipped through it wouldn't catch my bottom lashes making it harder to open my eyes when finished even though that wouldn't of been a problem. These pads had anti-wrinkle serum in so I felt even more lucky that I'm getting old haha!

Once pads applied, she told me she had two tweezers, one to separate the lashes & the other to place the silk lash onto a single lash of mine. It must take good patience and skill to do this and I think Lucy, the beauty therapist was absolutely amazing. She used the 10mm and 12mm on my lashes to give it an equal length and a nice "flutter". I feel like my lashes are fuller, longer and weight-less. Doesn't even feel like there is a single lash on my lashes and I can do everything like normal better than when I was wearing the strips.

They long and fuller however very natural. I think you can hardly notice they are lash extensions unless I tell who I am with that they are infact false! The lashes last 3-6 weeks, depending how you look after them. Lucy mentioned you can apply a bit of mascara on the tips but not advisable because it might reduce the life-span of the lash. Who needs mascara when you have these on anyway! You would be crazy.. She did a really really good job and so pleased with how talented Lucy is.

To look after them, all I do is use a washed and dried mascara wand from and old mascara and use that to brush through each day and night! If you start to see lashes to fall out then thats completely normal and natural due to your lash growth cycle and all you would need to do is in a few weeks book in for refills.

For £30 it is a good pamper price and everything about it is definitely worth it. Have you had these type of lashes or been thinking of getting them done?

12 Colville Drive

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