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Brows are the new best friends these days. Forget about "diamonds being a girl's best friend", if you don't have that perfect brow, ladies go crazy for it. I can't lie, I love the sharp arched brow that's been the latest trend. Kindly Lucy that owns the salon "Room 12" in Bury with her sister let me try the HD brows treatment. Super happy with the outcome and it was very quick infact and painless! These brows are the best brows I have ever had done, in my eyes these are perfection!

Like I said I am pretty much obsessed with well-presented eyebrows because they really do shape your face and give you the perfect definition. Having a good brow can make such a difference to your appearance and also it gives me confidence haha. I usually just wax my brows and maybe give me a little tweeze every now and again so I decided to get the HD Brows Treatment instead.

(Please ignore them fake lashes, they were a bit gluey due to my eye kept watering before the treatment, but I was to excited to post the review for everyone, so please just look at them amazing brows instead haha!)

Lucy Hoy has been doing HD Brows since it started roughly four years ago and her salon was one of the first salons to be able to offer the treatment, so I can say she is very talented and definitely has a lot of knowledge about the treatment. I would say you should leave your brows 3-4 weeks prior the treatment so that Lucy can let you see the best results. Girls its hard letting them badboys grow but just bite your tongue because you know they will look amazing after! However with her skills, she can fix ANY brow & train it well.

I do advise to have a patch test 48 hours before the treatment just for health & safety reasons but once that is out the way your fine! When having my brows done, the room was gorgeous and relaxing. Lucy, throughout the treatment gave me plenty of advice and also a lot of background information about HD brows, she also spoke about the process.

The "HD Brows Treatment" is a seven step process to achieve the perfect brow, so she started by tinting my brows. I have dark brows anyway so the darker the better for me has I'm quite tanned. The tinting process catches and colours all hairs and the fine ones to create a fuller brow; she also went just a little on the skin around the brow making it look thicker.

After tinting, came the measuring/assessing the brows. Making a decision on how to shape the brow to make them even and equal. We know that Eyebrows are sisters not twins but getting them quite similar is quite nice.

Waxing; sometimes I find waxing super relaxing. This is the step that starts to shape the brow, remove any unwanted hairs to give it that crisp, sharp arched brow. Much prefer waxing to threading. The wax results were amazing and painless, however when I say it was painless is because I have had my brows waxed since I was probably 15 years old, so the pain doesn't even touch me now haha!

Lucy, the beauty therapist tweezed the stubborn hairs and then used threading to create much more of a precise shape and to blend any of the "shiny wax marks" into my forehead, so when makeup is applied you can't see the harsh lines where the hair was removed.

The most important bit, the aftercare she soothed the area with a lotion and gave me some aftercare advice.

Now the brows are completed, and now perfectly shaped. She filled them in using a "HD Brow Pencil" to remove any slight gaps, which in my case was the base of my brow, the start. Has my hair was slightly sparse in that area, the rest was perfectly fine.

Everyone's brow is different and is changed to suit every face shape. The basic shape of the brow is the same but changed slightly to suit the clients preference. To get the perfect and the best out of my brows, I might need to a few more sessions, to "train" my brow to grow and maintain.

I would recommend Lucy to everyone and anyone, her brow skills are on point haha! If your looking to have your brows done but unsure who to go to, then visit ROOM 12 on Colville Drive Bury, Greater Manchester! They also offer many more treatments and I look forward to working with her more. At this moment they do have some amazing valentine and non-valentine offers, so book book book and treat yourself to a good ol' pamper!

Have you had HD Brows? What do you think of them?

12 Colville Drive

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