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Straight, Wavy, Curls! Every girl wants hair that their friends have, what do you mean? Well my girls seem to have luscious waves, naturally and I want them so badly! Wavy locks are beautiful, especially when they are natural. Yeah I have styled mine with all sort of heat appliances to make it the way I want so it has had slight damage even though I us heat protection and also I have dyed it all sort of colours along with dip dying it with bleach to make it purple for example haa!

To keep my hair in good condition I have been using "Mane 'n' Tail" Shampoo & Conditioner Herbal Essentials range to keep it feeling and looking super soft and not show them split ends. I've used this quite a few times now and it's extremely good considering my hair wasn't in the best condition. The ends of my hair can be quite dry and maybe mid-length too. My roots never really have a problem of getting oily|greasy so I don't have to wash it often. Usually I wash it twice a week maybe? Because my hair is so straight and fly-away, before using this range I had to use pretty much most products to help give it volume or some sort of ummphhh! Girl problems, definitely.

Absolutely love the smell of these, the combination of them both make your hair smell delicious. I can smell a sweet coconut scent, slightly different but very nice. It can be a day to a few days since I've washed my hair and the scent still remains on my hair which is good to have. When applying the Shampoo, I don't apply a lot because it spreads quite evenly throughout the hair and it lathers up quickly too! Any conditioner I use, I always focus on my ends to maybe mid-length and thoroughly massage it through. Let it work it's magic and nourish my hair then after a couple of minutes I rinse.

After drying my hair either naturally or blow-dry, I noticed a change with the volume & the texture of my hair. Had a much better lift to it and it felt thicker and smoother. There is nothing bad to say about this range and I thank Dazzling Ladies for letting me try these beautiful hair products.

You can purchase this from the website here "Dazzling Ladies". It is £8.99 each for the Shampoo & Conditioner which I think is good considering the quality of the brand & the product is spot on.

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