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It's MyProtein again! Becoming a fitness freak has you may of noticed on my blog, but don't worry Beauty and Makeup will still be involved! You may of read about my "MyProtein" supplement surprise so I'm going to review for you "CLA" capsules & the "Thermo-Extreme" capsules. These capsules kind of work together, both of them are based on weight loss but the Thermo-Extreme can also be used has a pre-workout!

First I'll start off with "CLA" capsules. With a healthy diet and the odd cheat day, I have noticed a massive difference from starting the course to now.. I have lost inches off my belly but also off the scales. I don't believe looking at the scales most of the time because women's weight can fluctuate and change daily and also I'm building muscle too. Your best measuring yourself or just seeing changes in the mirror and your clothes.

I do workout, I try and do a intense session each day apart from weekends! They are my rest days. "CLA" is a really good supplement to have if you want to have a steady weight regime and helps burn off that little bit of extra fat. I use this along side BCAA & Whey Protein and if you do train, you will see more of visible results.

They work well with hard training, correct healthy eating, carb cycling, & caffeine. Seeing true results with these have made me 100% happier and more confident and also it's the first capsule I have used that actually works/see results. I have 1-2 capsules three times a day preferably before food, on a empty stomach. Drink it with either juice or water. Best thing is, they leave no after taste and they don't taste of anything which is a good BONUS because I hate swallowing capsules and there is a funny taste to it, so woo!

Next we have "Thermo-Extreme" capsules. May I add that these are my favourite out of the two! These capsules you preferably have to take on an empty stomach. You can take these either before training which would be 3-4 capsules in one go or on non-training days, you split the dose of 4 capsules throughout the morning-afternoon-evening. "Thermo-Extreme" are designed to support your body shape goals whilst giving you energy whilst training/exercising. These most definitely give you energy! If you train hard then you will burn more with these babies!

These products are high quality supplements and work a treat! I have some more promotion code treats for you; if you check their website and seen anything you like by clicking here; MyProtein use these promotion codes below;

Offer: Free UK Next Day Delivery when you spend £25 Code: NDD25 Valid: until midnight 26/02/15
Offer: 20% off ENTIRE order when you spend £15 / €20 on Pills, Blends & Formulas Code: FITFORM Valid: until midnight 26/02/15
Offer: 30% off Female Bundles Code: FBUND Valid: until midnight 27/02/15
Offer: Free Mystery Gift when you spend £10/€13 Code: MYSTERYGIFT Valid: until midnight 30/06/15
Offer: 50% off Protein Meals Code: WEEKLY Valid: until midnight 23/02/15
Offer: 20% off Indulgent Flavours Range Code: INDULGE Valid: until midnight 28/02/15


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