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Afternoon lovelies. I know I haven't posted for a while, I have had extremely busy time moving about and just doing general day to day things and just not had the time to do a blog. Well I'm back with a healthy post today. You may know I have been using the WaistCinchers UK waist trainers/shapers which have been amazing and I am going to do my "3 week journey" this Friday because I know some of you can't wait to see if results have appeared. Since wearing their waist trainers/shapers, I have wanted to workout more & definitely eat a lot healthier. Here is a breakfast idea which is so easy to do!

Pretty much all you need is;
Avocado, just one!
Preferably one or two semi boiled eggs
Handful of Spinach
3-4 Asparagus Tips
I had a few chunks of feta cheese!
then a little bit of salt and pepper to add some taste!
for a drink, usually have green tea OR mango orange juice.

It is full of fuel and protein, and because I work out quite a lot now, I really do need to give my body a lot of protein and the green healthy stuff! When I workout I usually like working my legs and glutes muscles! If you want to know a home leg routine then here you go;

Lunges; x12 each leg
Glute Kickbacks; x20 each leg
Butt Bridges; x20 Squats; x12
Calve Raises; x12 each leg
& do this routine 4 times and you should feel the burn!

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