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"MyProtein" addiction continues and my fitness improving! This is what I use to mainly repair and recover either during or after my training session. "BCAA" and "L Glutamine".

"BCAA", your probably wondering what it stands for? Well lucky for you it's "Branch Chain Amino Acids". Most people like me call it "BCAA" it's easier and better to remember haha! BCAA works wonders for me & I absolutely LOVE it.

During exercising|training, the amino acids become extremely important. With this powder formula, you can reach high levels of "Branch Chain Amino Acids" in a quick and easy way. Amino acids can also be consumed throughout the day or before/during and after workouts. I always make this before I leave for gym or a home workout and drink it during my session. Active individuals like myself are suitable to drink this especially when doing an intense training session.

You can drink this either 2-4 times a day, or like me - once in the morning and then one during a workout! I mainly mix one or maybe two scoops with water however you can mix it with your favourite juice. I was given the "Blue Raspberry" and oh my! It tastes delicious! It reminds me of the times you go to the cinema and order the blue slush drink. It is spot on the taste haha! Fruity and perfect.

"L Glutamine" is another type of amino acid that is required by every muscle especially when you work out & is important for health and tissue repair. You can actually find Glutamine in various different meats, fish and some vegetables. That's another reason why you should eat your vegetables!

This is suitable for anyone that does physical intense training, pretty much like BCAA! Aslong has your training correctly and eating the right essential foods, your fine. To benefit from L Glutamine you do need to have some sort of good nutrition for it to work and develop correctly, whether it's from vitamin supplements or actual foods.

I put one scoop of "L Glutamine" in with my "BCAA" so they work with each other and you receive all recover benefits from them both. Don't get me wrong, you can have them seperately or even mix the "L Glutamine" with Protein! However mixing L Glutamine with something, you know you are going to receive the best results! If you did want to drink it alone, you simply mix it wither water or your favourite juice.

Both of these you can get pretty much all sorts of flavours! From un-flavoured to tropical even sour apple. Plenty of choices and different pouch sizes aswell. With both these powders, your preferably need a shaker, to make sure its mixed properly!

I have some more promotion code treats for you; if you check their website and seen anything you like by clicking here; MyProtein use these promotion codes below;

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