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I have had the pleasure to work with "WaistCinchers UK! They do a wide range of latex waist cinchers, to help ladies and possibly some men reduce the size of your waist. I have always always wanted to try one of these, just because I have seen them pretty much everywhere, from celebrities wearing them and even my friends! The hour glass figure is gorgeous in my eyes, some of you may agree or even disagree. There are two type of Waist Cinchers, you have the "Classic" & the "Sport" both do the exact same thing but the sport one just a little bit shorter to make it much more comfortable to wear whilst training. I have the Classic, the good ol' original which you can still exercise in. Basically every week or possibly every two weeks I am going to write a review, progress and what I'm doing to help my figure and maybe a few exercises that I have been doing whilst I've been wearing it!

Just to put a warning out there, their cinchers are do NOT alter your bone structure like the traditional bone structure corsets has they are very dangerous and WaistCinchers UK are much more flexible, safer and do not change your bone structure, so your 100% safe with these. To carry on you may of seen Kim Kardashian wearing one of these and possibly a few other well known celebrities.

You need to measure yourself in cm around the waist before purchasing, you do need the correct size! Don't go by your clothes size & don't guess because you could get it wrong, it can be either too big and you won't see any results or if its too tight, it will feel very uncomfortable and you won't be happy. There is a sizing guide on their website which is ideal and informative!

When I received the trainer, I put it on straight away and kept it on everyday, so I didn't manage to put a before picture, however you can tell a little difference from my first picture with it on below & one that I will show on week 2 or 3. When I put it on the first time, I did put it on the first hook (loosest) but I felt I could go straight to the 2nd hook (tightest) which is where I started.

You probably wondering, is it comfy, what does it feel like? Well when I first put it on, it was TIGHT! I mean it was tight but not extremely uncomfortable but it sure tucked me in haha! It wasn't so bad when I started walking around and doing things with it on and eventually it became more comfortable throughout the day. It is perfect because it does tuck them certain love handles you don't want haha. I love how flexible it is and how manageable it is to. I keep it on for 8-10 hours a day, preferable 8 is enough but sometimes I run over and forget but the ideal time is 8 hours per day to see definite results. Do NOT sleep in it! It could cause discomfort. I wear this when I am going out, going to work or when I am just relaxing at home, it is that simple.

I have seen a good difference in a week! I am really really amazed with the quality of their waist cinchers are. Definitely recommend WaistCinchers UK, usually they say you see a difference in three to four weeks but for me to see a slight difference in one week and it proves to me their quality and purpose is spot on. Really happy and can't wait to show you the two week review or possibly three week because I have a cream on the way that helps stimulate fat cells so the two combined will work perfectly. Usually you know when you can start going to the next row of hooks or a smaller cincher, I think in a few days time I could probably go tighter due to the fact of my body shape.

You can wear this under ANY clothing and in these pictures the cincher is on top of my leggings, however I usually wear my leggings or jeans over the top but for picture purposes I wore it like this so you can see it clearly on me. I will be showing videos through my blog with this on because I want you all to see how good these actually are.

I am trying to eat healthier and working out a lot more to help get the perfect figure that makes ME happy and with help from WaistCinchers UK, I think I will definitely be able to follow that goal. So far I am extremely impressed and I would love to know if you have purchased from WaistCinchers UK or if you follow them on their Instagram or Twitter & don't forget to check their website - http://waistcinchersuk.com/collections/all!

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